Live: Marathon and Portland Timber already playing in the Confederations League – Ten Olympics

MIN. 10 Stick! Diego Valerie looks forward to Matthias Decera and threatens to crush the greens horizontally.

MIN. 5 Marathon saved! Felipe Mora in front of the frame ends up being deflected.

MIN. 2 Luis Carrido and Carlo Castley are not for the marathon in this race; Both players are injured.

MIN. 1 Portland’s dangerous first finish was scored by Jimmy Charl, but goalkeeper Denovan Torres kept the ball.

MIN. 1 The competition begins at the Olympics.

4.04 pm The marathon will be played entirely in green and Portland in white. This is the first match of the Confederations Cup round of 16.

4.00 pm The teams are already on the court and ready for commitment. The referee is Mexican Caesar Ramos Palasulos.

3:33 pm: On the bench, coach Hector Vargas Johan Villanueva, Wilmer Crisando, Selvin Guevara, Ryden Palermo, Christian Celix, Axel Motino and Marlon Ramores

3:27 pm: The marathon confirms its 11th starter with three rows: Denovan Torres, John Paul Chuvaso, Carlos Pertomo, Carlos Garcia, Matthias Decera, Luis Vega; Kervin Ariaga, Emilio Izaguer, Edwin Solano, Brian Castillo and Kevin Hoyos

3:15 pm: Portland confirms 11th starter: Steve Clark, Jose Vaughan Ranking, Laris Mafiala, Dario Zubrick, Claudio Bravo, Diego Char, Eric Williamson, Yimmy Char, Diego Valerie, Tyrone Aspirilla and Felipe Mora

3:10 pm: The marathon and Portland timber teams are at the Olympic Stadium, with the game starting at 4:06 p.m.

Game Linup

25. Denovan Torres 6. John Paul Chuvaso 12. Carlos Pertomo 27. Carlos Garcia 23. Matthias Decera 65. Luis Vega 33. Kervin Ariaca 7. Emilio Izaguer 30. Edwin Solono 38. Brian Castillo 29. Kevin Hoyos
Coach: Hector Vargas

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Portland Timber
12. Steve Clark 2. Jose Vaughan Ranking 33. Laris Mafiala 13. Dario Zubrick 5. Claudio Bravo 21. Diego Sir 30. Eric Williamson 23. Yimmy Sir 8. Diego Valerie 27. Tyrone Aspirilla 9. Felipe Mora
Coach: Giovanni Savaris

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