NASA’s Insight has detected two earthquakes on Mars

This week NASA’s Insight Lander has detected two “strong and clear” earthquakes In an area of ​​the planet called Cerberus fossa. As explained by the North American space agency, Both tremors measured 3.3 and 3.1.

Thanks for the relocation work, It aims to better understand the behavior of the Red Planet. Although it does not contain tectonic plates like Earth, The volcano contains active areas. Precisely, the two movements that took place support that view Cerberus fossa is the epicenter of seismic activity.

Just like on earth

Thaichi Kawamura, From the Globin Physics Institute in Paris, explained, “During the mission, we saw.” Different types of ‘Martemodos’: One more thing One is like the moon, the other is like the earth “.

In this sense, the scientist pointed it out Earthquake waves travel directly through the earth, Events on the moon are generally more scattered. So, Kawamura insisted on it ‘Mortemotos’ are at an intermediate point between the two tics.

Quiet air

There are two earthquakes A resemblance to what Insight has previously discovered: They all took place in the summer of the Northern Hemisphere on Tuesday. That’s one The perfect time to listen to earthquakes because the air is calm.

John Clinton, the seismologist responsible for studying these events, stressed it “It’s great to see‘ marscakes ’again After a long time of recording the noise of the wind. A Tuesday year later, We are now very quick to classify seismic activity on the Red Planet. “

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