Vasquez thought of Big Poppy after his success

BOSTON – On October 16, 2004, David Ortiz was in the twelfth inning of the American League Championship Series 4 to defeat the Yankees and win the Red Sox 6-4. We already know that Boston will have three more wins to historically eliminate New York from heading to the first World Series title after 86 years.

Seventeen years later, in Game 3 between the Rays and the Red Sox of the American League Division Series on Sunday, Boston catcher Christian Vasquez recalled the game. Puerto Rican watched the game on television. Now, he is following in the footsteps of Los Patrojos.

In the 13th inning on Sunday, Vasquez scored Tampa Bay’s Colombian right-hand man Luis Patino’s Golden Home run to give Boston a 6-4 victory (differently, the same score 17 years ago). Around the sites, Vasquez only thought of what Artis had done that night.

“I remember when he came home in 2004,” Vasquez revealed. “I thought of that moment of running sites. It’s a very special moment.”

Combined with the red socks, this one is very special. With their win on Sunday, Boston are on the verge of a win by removing the rays and the team won the World Series for the first time since 2018 for the American League Championship Series.

Alex Cora, manager of the Red Sox in Puerto Rico, said, “I know this means a lot to him.” “He works hard in his craft. This system is very important to him.

Puerto Rican Enrique “kick” Hernandez, Another hero of Boston So far in the playoffs, he looked at what Vasquez did and gave him a brief but accurate explanation:

Vasquez’s home run his first win of the latter season was limited to 11-bats, but by far it was the biggest win for the Patriots. Before Patino’s first pitch, the 96.1-mile four-seam cracker. Vasquez confirms that Patino watched his previous two pitchers carefully in front of pure fastballs.

He was ready to go down first.

“I was looking for that speed, and I was looking for a good swing in it,” Vasquez said, adding that his gold shot had an exit speed of 101.3 miles per hour and an estimated distance of 394 feet. Patino has good speed, good crack. I was looking straight ahead, I made a good swing, thank God we won. ”

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