ITACyL Science Week: workshops and educational activities for students from Castile and León

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The Agricultural Technological Institute of Castile and León (ITACyL), of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, is joining Science Week in Castile and León once again with a series of workshops and educational activities scheduled from 14 to 17 November. The variety of events includes talks on new irrigation techniques and monitoring forests and crops using satellite images.

Workshops for all educational levels

ITACyL has designed a comprehensive program ranging from primary school students to university students. Among the scheduled events is the “From Vine to Glass” workshop, which offers primary school students a visual experience at the Ruwaida Oenology Station. This tour allows you to easily understand the wine making process, highlighting the importance of this emblematic sector of the region.

A workshop entitled “Satellite Imagery for Monitoring Crops and Forests” will be organized for high school, high school, vocational training and university students. This activity, which will take place in the building of the Finca Zamadueñas Sub-Directorate of ITACyL in Valladolid, will explore the use of the Copernicus ecosystem and SATIVUM to view and download satellite images. Basic knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum and concepts of wavelength and frequency is required.

Specific conversations and activities

On November 15, a lecture will be given on the REBAPRES project, which focuses on experimenting with low-pressure irrigation and new technologies in irrigated crops in Castile and León. Pre-registration is required to participate in this activity.

On November 16, the workshops will target primary school students to explore topics such as “The Secret of Nuts”, “Antioxidants: An Army That Takes Care of Us”, and a chemistry workshop called “Playing with Chemistry”.

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On November 17, high school students will be able to participate in activities such as “Soil, You Can’t Imagine!”, “The Importance of Biodiversity in the Agricultural Ecosystem,” “Technology for Safe and Healthy Eating,” and “Viticulture.” “New technologies” and “Chemistry surprises us.”

Open registrations and open doors in research centers

Although the places for the primary and secondary workshops are full, there is still availability for observation activities and Rebapres project talks. Registration is done via email [email protected]. In addition, some ITACyL RedTec centres, such as the Zamaramala Aquaculture Research Center (Segovia), will open their doors to showcase the work of researchers.

These initiatives are part of ITACyL’s knowledge transfer activity, celebrating its 20th anniversary and annual successes in scientific publishing.

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