Gretchen Galindo, Cuba’s master of elocution, dies

Cuban broadcaster Gretchen Galindo, considered a master of the genre on the island and a resident of Miami for many years, died this Saturday after a long battle with cancer, friends and family confirmed.

Her daughter Yossi Galindo is her Radio and Television Expert He thanked those who had supported the family through a difficult situation “a few months before his departure”.

“Don’t let the pain and goodbyes of your absence overshadow the joy of such a beautiful life. You don’t know what I would have given if I could have saved you by giving everyone as much love as you only knew how to. You’re here with me for a few more years, because I know how much you loved life. ” he posted Facebook.

Publication in Facebook

“Now you are having a feast in heaven with others who loved you as much as you left here. I will remember you everyday with the same love you gave us. It hurts so much, but as we always say. . .it’s just a radigo. I love you mommy. For Eternity” he said.

For his part, broadcaster Guille Rivero de la Rosa said in another post that he was “a great master of broadcasting in Cuba, a true newsman.”

Publication in Facebook

He recalled that Cuba was “paralyzed at 8:00 p.m., to be enjoyed on the screen, and those are other times, they will not return.”

Other Cubans described her as “a showcase of eloquence” who “did what no one else did and had full and complete command of what she did.”

“Speech in Cuba is in mourning,” they noted.

In 2017, it was revealed that the popular host had undergone surgery to treat breast cancer that had plagued her for years.

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Galindo started his career in radio and television in the island in 1969 and gained great popularity.

In October 2009, Chanel Message 41 Made special reports on breast cancer, where Yossi Galindo told her mother’s story, how the disease changed her and her family’s life, and ways or alternatives to coping with it.

Gretchen Galindo became something of a legend for Cubans of the time, and at times in her career she worked closely with dictator Fidel Castro on news programs and interviews.

In an interview with La Peregrina magazine, Gretchen said of Castro: “When I interviewed him and talked to him, the whole personal guard was there, guarding. First they searched your wallets, your cameras, everything you carried. “He was searched very carefully. . Once you get into where he is, you can’t get out or get in, and if you don’t get there in time, forget you didn’t get in. They’re very strict about that.”

Likewise, he said he decided to go live in Miami because he “stopped believing in what I was doing, I couldn’t go on, it hurt me, I felt sorry for people, it was embarrassing, and I just let it go and it would be clear. The only way out was for me to talk anymore. No face, I didn’t believe in it. But logically there was a phase where I believed, I always respected them very much and listened to me, I believed from the heart.”

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