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Although “Third season not confirmed yet””(“ Never Have I Ever ”in its original language), all indicating that the story of Devi, Paxton and Ben will continue in this new set of theatrical comedy starring Tamil-Canadian actress Maitreya Ramakrishnan.

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For now, just wait for the official response , Which usually takes a few weeks to evaluate the audience’s response, and although they usually do not share any statistics, they do affect the updating or cancellation of a series.

In addition to the official announcement , Netflix The cast of the series, created by Mindy Calling and Long Fisher, must confirm the return and list of characters to be included in the fiction.

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In the end, Devi stayed with Paxton, but what happens in the third season? (Photo: Netflix)

When will Season 3 of “You’re Not Always” be released?

Third season “I never was”No release date yet , But new episodes are expected to reach the streaming platform by mid-2022. Everything depends on the update and the start of filming.

The first installment was screened in April 2020 and was not updated until July of the same year, so fans ““We have to wait a few months for any official confirmation Netflix.

Perhaps the update will come in October 2021, which means the post-production process could begin in the last months of the filming year and continue into the first months of 2022.

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Ben finds out that Davy wants to pick him over Paxton (Photo: Netflix)
Ben finds out that Davy wants to pick him over Paxton (Photo: Netflix)

What will happen to Season 3 of “I’m Not Always”?

At the end of the second season “I never wasThe goddess ends her secret relationship with Paxton and goes to dance with her friend Eleanor. If he decides to leave the party, the athlete appears and agrees to make their love public. Despite being with Alyssa, Ben can’t help but feel the effects of his new partner, especially since Elle tells him that the goddess wants to choose him.

So what happens to Ben and Alyssa? Will the relationship between Devi and Paxton work? What will happen to Eleanor, Fabiola and their respective partners? Will Nalini Vishwakumar give another chance for love? Will Kamala end her fateful engagement and date her cousin’s teacher? Going to Paxton College? Will Ben try to get the goddess back?

The above and other concerns should be addressed in the third possible season. “I have not always”.

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What will happen to Nalini and her colleague's relationship?  (Photo: Netflix)
What will happen to Nalini and her colleague’s relationship? (Photo: Netflix)

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