These are 3 beautiful singers who were influenced by Raul Velasco’s flirtation

Throughout his career as hostAlways Sunday”, Raul Velasco He is a great man powerful of the world program Mexican. A lot of artists got famous by Driver, but many buried their careers. Velasco earned the nickname “The Villain,” but was more than just a controversial driver. As with these, he was also involved in some molestation scandals Three beauty Singers That disturbed with opinions “The iconic driver ofAlways Sunday”.

Pauline Rubio

In 1992, “golden girl“Timbrich” was launched as a single after leaving the group, and like most artists at this time, he had to present his album in “Simbre en Domingo”. Raul Velasco He was very interested in projecting the life of Paulina Rubio, who he knew because they were a woman. Embarrassing Comment To the singer.

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