Is a new collaboration between Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift born?

Urban layer Poor rabbit And singer Taylor Swift Since then they have revolutionized social media I saw him leaving a recording studio in New York.

The question fans of the stars are asking is whether a new collaboration is on the horizon between the Puerto Rican artist and the American singer, who is currently Pop star with more debut albums than any woman in history.

A video has been circulating on social networks that shows Bad Rapid and “Black Space” vocals coming apart at the Electric Lady studio in New York.


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For Benito Antonio Martinez Ocasio, real name Bad Bunny, collaborating with the Pennsylvania-born artist will be no exception, as he has collaborated with Anglo-Saxon artists such as Dua Lipa, The Weeknd and Travis Scott in recent years.

For her part, Taylor Swift explores Latin rhythms and what better way to do it than with today’s most listened-to Hispanic artist.

This isn’t the first time Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift have been spotted together. In February this year, the duo created a stir when they interacted Grammy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles, the pop star enjoyed the Puerto Rican singer’s performance. Bad Bunny was responsible for the musical opening of the event and won Award for Best Urban Music Album.

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