Porbara Bermuda talks to Jomari Koizo about leaving Univision … and will she return?

Barbara Bermudo.

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Barbara Bermudo Talks about leaving the section with Jomari Koizo, For a Spanish podcast called: ‘Naked’. Not only there Speak What happened 4 years ago, but about whether she is ready Will she return?

The journalist who was at one point Welcomes Jomari for the first impact, Who helped him when he did not know how to look at the camera, or who were the famous people of this country, became guests.

In a conversation between reunited friends, the producer of the Pitaya Entertainment podcast, Solancheli Molina of Soul Media Agency called her and asked her for a month to think about it..

Now face to face, in a virtual way, Barbara talks about the difficult episode she experienced when her husband Mario Andres intensified due to Moreno Covit-19; Your faith in God, Her career as a business woman How happy she is to be an almost full-time mom to her daughters.

Of course, it can not be missed He dropped out of university in January 2017 When they became ex-teammates.

When I left the TV, I had a lot of frustration because things were happening. I love Univision, it has been my company for many years, it is the company that invested in me … It gave me money to grow as a professional, I always carry the universe in my heart, unfortunately some things unknown to the public have happened, I did not think I would come to the wind, but it was hard, hard and I was a little upset …

Only then will you know who is with you and who is notYes, I can say that the majority of the ‘Primer Impacto’ family has always been and still is, “he told Jomari with the honesty of classifying Barbara as Jomari.

In an interview that lasts about 28 minutes, Jomari asked him if he wanted to go on TV again., But missed being in front of the screen, to which Bermudo responded by revealing something.

I always saw my work in front of the cameras as a chore. I always thought, ‘Do I suffer from microphone and camera off syndrome?’ … No, that’s not my problem I enjoyed fame, I enjoyed power, I enjoyed recognition, I was rewarded, But I was not affected by that syndrome. Yes, disconnecting from the public hurt meBut, fortunately, in the digital age, I do not feel abandoned … I am a Christian woman, I always know that there is a purpose to this, and I always understand that there are other doors ”.

It was there that Koizo told her that he firmly believed that he had received several plans from various companies to return to television, and that he even confirmed to his former employer:

Yes, even from Univision… Now I work in my companies, now I am in my role as a mother, at what point am I going to spend 5 hours on a course? … Because my companies demand me, they need me, I am the president, it will be ignored In the long run, as TV has time to expire, executives change, some love you, others don’t love you, you always have to have a plan and a plan. B “, I explain.

But will it come back as yes or no? … “I want to go back to TV, my interest in communication, it’s not news, I still want a lifestyle, I want to do something with womenSure, they have made proposals to me, but humbly, this is not the moment, but if it is God’s moment it will come.

As we already told you, Barbara owns her own advertising agency with her husband, a journalist Mario Andres Moreno. they Greeron ‘BMBM Productions’, One of the most coveted certifications for an entrepreneur in the United States: National Women’s Business Council (WBENC) Women’s Business Organization (WBE) Certification As part of your federal contract trip.

You can listen to the full podcast of Jomari and Barbara Bermudo here:

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