The fantastic electric sports car becomes a reality

The photo shows the front of the CUPRA DarkRebel.

Appreciate the greatness of CUPRA DarkRebel. An electric sports car in the prototype stage.

physical version of Cobra Dark Rebel. This is an all-electric prototype that undoubtedly shows us the future vision of the Spanish-owned brand Volkswagen Group. The car features a Shooting Brake two-seater body that reflects the spirit with which the Cobra will face its future models. DarkRebel has only been seen digitally, but in… 202 Munich Motor Show3 appeared in the community and broke all the charts.

No technical details were provided about the CUPRA DarkRebel, as it is still a prototype. But as we saw in the car, it is a very high-performance electric coupe that carries the DNA of the Spanish brand into its future models. And so, this two-seater dream came onto the scene in a physical way, as it was already shown last April during the event “exponential drive” Celebrated by Cobra herself.

CUPRA DarkRebel offers three models, all of which are electric. In addition, it has a design that will be the Cobra logo for future models.

This is the CUPRA DarkRebel design

Just by looking at the photos that have gone viral on the internet, you can tell the design cues of this wild electric car. The Spanish brand confirms that we are facing a sports car that will push the limits of design and performance, and will challenge the way the cars of the future have been created since their birth.

he Cobra DarkRebel is a 100% electric body car Shooting brakes. It has a vague plaque resembling the appearance of liquid mercury. Furthermore, the CUPRA badge is backlit. While a total of three triangles are used for the daytime running lights.

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Mix some well-defined, defined lines with smooth surfaces. For its part, the free height relative to the ground is reduced. The Cobra logo runs across the entire wheel, from the tread area to the hubcaps. The latter has a fully aerodynamic design.

CUPRA DarkRebel is a two-seater electric sports car.

Meet CUPRA DarkRebel’s interior

Speaking clearly about the interior, we will be surrounded by the typical atmosphere of a wild and extreme car. Minimalism and purity are key elements of the two-seater cabin. The center column emerges from the base of the seats and extends forward to surround the driver.

The car is equipped with Supersport basket seats with integrated and upholstered headrests. One of the main elements is the steering wheel which, according to the brand, combines the geometry of a racing car with the interactivity of a video game world.

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