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This situation occurred during the trial of Judge Vanderlei Caires Pinheiro of a civil court in the Brazilian city of Goiânia. Apple ordered him to pay 5,000 Brazilian rice, which is worth a thousand dollars, or about 4 million pesos.

According to court documents seen by ‘Insider’ media, the judge said Company practice “abusive and illegal” Because it states that it “forced the consumer to buy a second product of its exclusive production” No need to buy a power adapter in addition to the new cell phone.

Faced with the allegation, Apple responded that the new phones come with a respective USB-C first Lightning cable, which is sufficient for secure charging of the device and, in addition, customers can get power adapters from other brands.

The judge, however, dismissed the argument Cables do not work on all wall adapters Not yet converted to USB-C.

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In addition to the Type-C port, the company also has wireless chargers.

Also, the reasons for the technology company’s decision to stop selling adapters with phones are somewhat environmental. However, according to the judge, the company still manufactures this device and now sells it separately About 100 thousand Colombian pesos.

According to Judge Pinheiro, “It is not appropriate for such a measure to attempt to minimize environmental impacts with all available resources. Defendant continues to manufacture such essential accessories, but now sells it separately”.

In 2020, the company announced that the arrival of the iPhone 12 in stores will not include the adapter, so it must be purchased separately.

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This is not your first request

The company has already received a lawsuit from Brazil in 2021 “Wrong practice”.

The Sao Paulo Consumer Protection and Safety Trust (PROCON-SP) has fined Apple $ 10.5 million – about $ 2 million, or 7 million Colombian pesos – for selling your charger’s cell phones.

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Broken-SP questioned whether there were really any changes in the environmental impact by Apple when the products were sold separately. HoweverThe American company did not respond.

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