Sivas, who will lead the herd in Aberdera 2022, will have this foreign coach on the radar.

Guadalajara has been scrutinizing candidates to adopt the technical direction of the first team, and they already have an informal approach with the Helmsman of the Mx League.


Order of Chivas continues to look for a technical director that will allow him to return to the privileged positions In the medium term, so it is expected that a vote of confidence will be given to Ricardo Cadena for the rest of Clausura 2022; However, it isRojiplankos, who is in a high position, will try to be with the strategist of another big club in Mexico.

Several candidates have been named as such over the past few weeks Juan Carlos Osorio, Javier Masserano, Matthias Almeida, Francisco BalenciaAmong many, but versions have begun to emerge, including the Guadalajara group I’m interested in associating Juan Rhinoso with the flock.

Due to the anomaly that the Peruvian is suffering with La Magvina And versions that call into question his continuation with the La Noria team due to the bad relationship he has with his sports directorJaime Artials, The Guadalajara will use that situation to try to hire him.

“When In Cruz Azul, they think in their minds that if Juan Maximo Rhinoso does not achieve a significant event in Clausura 2022, he should be fired., In Sivas they are very focused on any message. They want the Peruvians to take control of the herd if they go to a coach without leaving Ricardo Cadena. Honestly, There was already a “little bird” who approached him to find out about Rhinoso’s plans.

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“In Sivas They like what he did with Puebla, what he did with Cruz Azul, it is on the list. Wait to see what happens, so he leaves the cruise line Don’t be surprised to see a rhinoceros in front of Sivas”, The MediaTympo portal promises.

How was Juan Rhino in Mexico?

The Peruvian coach had an excellent participation on the benches he was on, taking his teams to the best events in both his own Peru and Mexico, where he laid the foundation for a solid project in Puebla. Cruz Azul was able to break the series without becoming a champion after more than two decades of waiting.

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