Funny UFC man Darren Till’s headspace has been called into question after the latest comment


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Recent comments from UFC middleweight Darren Till have caused Chil Sonnen to question the star’s head.

Even had a rough time in the octagon lately. He’s been 1-4 in his last five fights, which includes three lost losses. On his last flight, the ‘gorilla’ was caught in a choke naked from behind by Derek Brosson, forcing him to click in September 2021.

Speaking to Radio Presentation last week, Thiel admitted that he is still a long way from fighting with UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

“Yeah, I feel like Adesanya is out of reach,” Till said via Bloody Elbow. “I feel like I have to get some victories under my belt and show people how good I am again. Obviously once I get the fight title and win, I know I can beat Adesanya. So the sky is the limit. The possibilities are endless.”

“And I have to work hard and stay humble and do the right things and have a good support group around me, which is what I have now, you know, especially with my new venture at Block Asset and these guys. These guys are doing their best to take care of me in a special way, and that’s something It calls for humility to me. I am a humble man, and it is humility when people really want to take care of your well-being.”

Sonnen said Till is in a “good place” but doesn’t know where his “mind is at the moment.”

In a recent YouTube video, Sonnen shared her concerns about Till’s comments on Presentation Radio. Sonnen noted that Till is a big name in the mixed martial arts community, and is a prominent figure on social media with his connections to Khameev and Michael Bisping.

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But even though the gorilla appears to be in a “good place”, Sonnen wondered where his “mind” is currently.

“I don’t know where Darren Till’s mind is right now,” Sonnen said via “I know he’s doing all the right things. I know from a marketing point of view that this friendship with (Khamza) Shemayev is the most likely couple you can’t miss. It’s very interesting. Then you have (Michael) Bisping telling the stories, and these guys are shopping together and documenting everything.

“It was really funny. Even in a very good place. Till’s training must be great. We know the things they are doing in Sweden. We know the sacrifices he is going to make so far. I trust they will follow these things online and when they publish these different things on YouTube. It does.”

Sonnen thinks Till’s comments “showed weakness” in the English language, which is “normal”

The “American Gang” is not sure where the gorillas are mentally, but from what he put together, the Englishman showed a “weak spot”, which Sonnen described as “normal”.

Sonnen said:

“So we know he’s sacrificing himself, we know he wants to get better and specifically with Shemayev, this seems to be a display of the missing piece in Darren Teal’s game. So, in theory at least, we check a lot of the boxes. But then I tell you I don’t know where Darren Till Mentally.If someone walks by.You don’t just get hit, someone passes you.You weren’t very competitive.

Psychologically you will ask yourself. At least in the short term. At least for the next fight and maybe a few fights. To make sure you did what it takes to bridge that gap.

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So it would be very natural for Darren Till to deal with these questions now. Until he just did an interview related to Izzy Adesanya. Now when people talk to Till, they talk to him like a star. The questions keep coming back as a main event. The questions they ask him are the questions you would ask the Champion, the main applicant, or the number one contender.

It was all so. And he gave even for the first time an answer lacking confidence. The answer to Adesanya was “that the fight is far away but”, it ended with something: I don’t need to hear anything else. You don’t have to listen to anything else. It’s the first time Till has spoken and shown his weakness. They are related. I think he is questioning himself. That’s all I’m saying. It’s not a big problem. It would be very normal if it were.”


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