The old Soller slaughterhouse will be transformed into an art space

Municipal slaughterhouse facilities. | ji mora

The old municipal slaughterhouse does not lack suitors. The Saint Bartomeu festivities will usher in a new phase in the facilities of the Ses Fontanelle Trail with a more cultural aspect in a venue that will host an exhibition of artwork and a concert during the Saint Patron’s festivities. This is how the artists presented it this week Salvador MartinezAnd the Luis Lopez s Frances Llorente who, accompanied by a heritage advisor from Soller, James Bestardabout the cultural initiative that will be implemented as a first step to take advantage of the practically abandoned facilities, which will in part include the day center for the elderly in the future.

Jaume Bestard indicated that the activities that will take place during the celebrations “They will begin to give new life to the slaughterhouse and establish it as a cultural space.”.

The way to do this will be in what will be called “Horabaixa d’art” Where many artists will display their work in the backyard of the enclosure. Even a building with a collapsed roof could house some of the pieces, although onlookers will be denied access to it for security reasons.

On this artistic afternoon, there will also be a concert and its promoters have indicated that a handover party can also be hosted. Vall de Sóller Literary Awards. To carry out all these activities, the first in a series that Bestard and the group of artists would like to carry out in the outside enclosure of the slaughterhouse, it will be necessary to clean the entire yard and remove the many abandoned vehicles currently piling up above.

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