This is how we live with the comeback of Checo Perez and the success of Max Verstappen

Follow the Hungarian Grand Prix live, the 13th of the F1 season

Max Verstappen’s victory. He started P10 and beat Ferrari. Red Bull on the right strategies.

  1. Verstappen

  2. Hamilton

  3. Russell

  4. Signs

  5. Perez

  6. Leclerc

  7. Norris

  8. Alonso

  9. or with

  10. cutting

It restarts. On the last lap…

Virtual safety car: Bottas’ Alfa Romeo stayed and must be removed.

5 laps to go: Verstappen 10 seconds behind fastest driver Hamilton on track. Mercedes can’t catch Red Bull’s tail.

Hamilton finds Verstappen’s maneuver on Leclerc and passes Russell. P2 to Lewis.

Hamilton passed Carlos Sainz Jr to take P3. It was a podium double for Mercedes for the second race of the year and in a row. Ferrari, we repeat: bad.

Hamiltonian signs 2.5 seconds. It’s lap 60 out of 70. Hamilton wants a podium finish.

Fastest driver: Lewis Hamilton with his red tyres. They liked Mercedes number 44 very much.

Behind Sego Perez is Leclerc with P6 fastest tyre. The Mexican will need to pick up the pace as Leclerc is going all out in the last 14 rounds.

At pit stop: Charles Leclerc goes from hard to soft.

Russell passes Leclerc and is now Mercedes P2. Ferrari owes Charles Leclerc an explanation.

At pit stop: Hamilton transitions from medium to soft. P5 is regrouped. Before Checo Perez.

George Russell attacks Charles Leclerc. Those hard tires have no rhythm. Ferrari is bad.

Czech Perez P6, 13 seconds behind Sainz P5. Verstappen P2 and Hamilton P1. Unless there are 20 rounds, Britain has to stop.

At pit stop: Carlos Sainz goes from a medium tire to a red (which is a soft usdo). And it’s a bad arrest. Ferrari is a disaster.

Fastest lap Czech Perez P6. Sainz and Hamilton have yet to stop. P1 and P2 are present.

Max Verstappen passes Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari for the second time. He went out at the bottom of turn 1, had a bigger radius and went out at a higher speed and passed him on the short straight going from 1 to 2. Great maneuver by Verstappen.

Quick turnaround Max Verstappen And return to the attack Leclerc.

At pit stop: Checo Perez went from medium to medium tyre. until the end. Lap 43 / 70.

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Max Verstappen has lost the car and it looks like the car is in trouble… Russell is now behind the Dutchman. Verstappen lost the car in the closing stages. World Champion Driving Error.

Max Verstpaben passes Charles Leclerc… The incredible maneuvering of the Dutchman and Leclerc kept him in a tough game. Ferrari, once again bad at strategy.

At pit stop: medium to hard Leclerc; Russell from medium to medium. Verstappen got ahead of Russell and finished undercut on the RB Mercedes.

At pit stop: Half-half Max Verstappen was his last arrest. RB tries an undercut on Russell and Signes.

Lando Norris: “It’s slippery…” It’s raining in parts of the Hungaroring. It doesn’t look like it will rain in the main straight. No rain in this good race in Hungary.

Sainz is already chasing both Russell and Verstappen very closely, with the prospect of…

A lap later, Leclerc put 1.8 seconds on Russell’s Mercedes. Carlos Sainz Jr. 1.3 behind Russell and Verstappen 2.3 behind Sainz.

Charles Leclerc finally got rid of Russell on lap 31 At turn 1. The Monegasque driver needed it. Leclerc P1

Russell holds off Leclerc, Sainz, Verstappen, Hamilton and Perez close by almost a lap a second.

Russell P1 attacked by Leclerc… Verstappen P4 2.5 seconds behind the Ferrari of Sainz Jr.

With Esteban Ocon’s pit stop, Checo Pérez is now P6. Ocon has raced to the limit against his teammate Fernando Alonso. Ricciardo took advantage and passed them both.

At pit stop: Charles Leclerc moves from medium to medium. They go to the second arrest. Leclerc starts P2 ahead of Sainz Jr. Russell takes the lead.

Charles Leclerc P1 20 laps on medium tyres. He seems to be about to be arrested. After pit stop:

  1. Leclerc

  2. Russell

  3. Signs

  4. Verstappen

  5. or with

  6. Alonso

  7. Hamilton

  8. Perez

  9. Schumacher

  10. Norris

At pit stop: Checo Perez is red to yellow.

At pit stop: Sains Jr. goes from yellow tire to yellow. Bad stop. And they go to two arrests. Don’t understand the Ferrari thing.

At pit stop: Russell relinquishes the lead and moves from the red tire to the middle. Verstappen still went to the pits and put on the medium tyre. They last 16 full turns and seem to go to two stops. Ferrari will be parked with their cars.

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At the pit stop: Lando Norris on lap 15 and going from the soft tire to the medium.

How did it stop? Czech Perez In pit lane. That McLaren of Norris, with red tires, fell off at speed.

Hamilton Lando passes Norris and takes advantage of Verstappen. Between turns 1 and 2, Norris lost two positions. Now it’s up to Czecho to make it happen.

The Red bull They had already crossed the Alpine. Both Verstappen and Szecho are now chasing Hamilton’s Mercedes. Ahead, 2.4 seconds on Russell Sines Jr.

Verstappen is already P6 in Ocon and Dutchman. Checo Perez is P8 ahead of Fernando Alonso.

Max Verstappen P7, after passing Fernando Alonso.

Checo Pérez: “There is a strange noise with the engine”… Bird: “When do you hear it?… Per: “In high gears”. Red Bull put new engines on their cars without penalty. Finally the Mexican was told that everything is fine with the engine. .

Due to debris on the track, the Virtual Safety Car period was limited. Vettel and Latifi left the wing areas twice. But it has already turned green again. A good start for Sego Perez but then he gave way to Verstappen and the Dutchman attacked Fernando Alonso for Spain’s P7.

STARTRussell takes the lead; Carlos Sainz hit him in the first corner, but the Briton took care well on the inside. Hamilton P5, Verstappen P8 and Checo Pérez P9.

All drivers start with dry tires: Russell, Bollman will start with red, soft tires that should have good traction at the start. Norris, Ricciardo, Verstappen, Checo Pérez, Stroll, Tsunoda Vettel, Albon and Gasly with red wheels. The rest come out with a medium tire.

The wind, the clouds, everything heralds rain outside Budapest. That would make for a more interesting race and open up a window for more overtaking on a track that wouldn’t allow them.

Hungaroring asphalt is not completely dry, but not too wet either. to do? Go out with slicks or go out with an intermediate rain tire?

Czech Perez Starting from 11th place in Hungarian Grand Prix13th of the season Formula 1.

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“It’s very difficult to get through here,” said CI do Perez About the system Hungering. “We will try to get points.” It is not far from rewarding positions; He will need a good start, lots of rhythm with dirty air all the time and a smart strategy to overcome certain levels. However, a platform seems more complex.

The Hungering It is a layout of 4.3 kilometers and 14 bends. Overtaking zones are 1 and 2. The rest of the sections then thread through endless low and medium speed corners, with section two being particularly twisty and generally the track demanding good traction in and out of each corner. Next. The Grand Prix will have 70 laps to cover the agreed 306 kilometers.

Excellent result by Checo Perez Hungarian Grand Prix In 2020 it is ranked seventh Race point. Last year everything ended early after the attack Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas.

From pole position, Bottas’ replacement will start at home in Stuttgart. George Russell He surprised everyone by uprooting the electric pole Carlos Sainz Jr. But Ferrari Out favorite to win BudapestThey have to think of 1-2 points that will get them good points and thus reduce the deficit of points against Red bull.

Pirelli C2, C3 and C4 compounds have been brought for this exhibition. The Italian supplier anticipates a race of two pit stops, starting on the softer tire C4 and moving up two levels on the weekend’s average C3. There is another option at the stop, which starts with the yellow tire and, on average, around 34 laps and the rest with the hard, white rubber.

After this match, F1 With the end of August there will be a summer break to refresh the season Italian Grand Prix.

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