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During November and December, in the cities of Cajamarca and Moyobamba, Voices of the Country had a lively space to publish their experiences in the process of adapting to climate change and guide others to replicate and improve those experiences. This was possible thanks to the radio program live dialogues, Produced by the United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) in partnership with the environmental press agency INFOREGION.

The program allowed many agricultural producers to have the opportunity to express their concern about the effects of climate change, as well as the innovative projects that were implemented with the support of the Avanzar Rural Project, to successfully confront these effects and adapt to them, and achieve the necessary sustainability and profitability.

Through the testimonies of the producers, it was possible to know the positive results of the interdependence of the implementation of the projects; As is the case, among others, of the Association of Farmers of Nueva Esperanza – Balan, in Cajamarca, who, in addition to producing milk, produce their own organic fertilizer for the fields.

Likewise, the Association of Coffee Producers of Nuevo Eden, in the province of Uajín, province of Rioja, San Martin, has also succeeded in raising bees, in addition to coffee.

the On air conversationsIn addition, they made it possible to highlight the important role of women in family production and agriculture, as they are active participants in the process of adapting to the effects of climate change, as noted by the experience of women entrepreneurs in the Nuwas jungle, in the community of Awajún, San Martín region, who Through medicinal tea, they were able to contribute to the family economy and forest conservation, and the experience allowed them to be present at COP 27, which was held recently in Egypt.

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In the same way, the Association of Agricultural Producers and Artisans “Fuente de Bendicione”, from the farm of Llamapampa, San Miguel province, in Cajamarca, highlighted the work of the women members of their association dedicated to the breeding of guinea pigs and trout.

On air conversations It was broadcast by Radio Campesina 1380 AM, in Cajamarca, under the leadership of social media Mercedes Solon; And in Moyobamba it was broadcast on radio and television Atmósfera 92.3 FM and on cable TV channels, relying on communication with social interlocutor Adolfo Fasanando. Programs are broadcast every Saturday at noon and repeated on Sunday at 6 am.

Although the program On air conversations Broadcasts wrapped this year, and those who haven’t had the chance to tune in can still do so through the Facebook portals Peasant Radio s radio atmosphere; as well informationwhere all programs are available.

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