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The increase in allocation for South America at the 2026 World Cup in the United States, Mexico and Canada is forcing the South American Football Federation to demand a change in the form of the tie. Six Conmepol teams will have a direct allocation for the World Cup, and one will be accessible through the playoffs.

Therefore, the all-against-all system used from the qualifying round for the World Cup in France-98 seems to be too long. For the number of allotments to be made, the idea of ​​converting it already exists.

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This is how the next tie will be played

The approach is that teams are divided into two teams of five, with the novelty they will not play against each other, but only against five rivals from the other side.
. In other words, in this first part of the tie, all teams will play 10 games, eight less than the current format.

The first two teams in each group will receive a direct assignment for the World Cup. They will then play a symbolic playoff: semi-final and final, round-the-clock tournaments.

There will be a significant innovation in the third and fourth place teams in each zone. They will play In touring competitions A was third, B was fourth and B was third A was fourth. The winners will qualify for the World Cup and the losers will have another fight to play for the playoff spot. The bottom of each panel will be removed.

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Is the format change convenient for Colombia?

How does this elimination system affect the Colombian national team? It should be noted that the team was eliminated from the 2022 Qatar World Cup, finished sixth in the tie, and as a result lost the job of coach Ronaldo Rouveda.

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Now, the national team is starting a new phase with Argentina’s Nestor Lorenzo as head of the project.And the goal is to get back to the World Cup, in the event of a change in pay.

“Alternative frustration occurs when there are no benefits, there is despair, we have to work hard to create it, the boys will go with many games with humility, are replaced by the strength of the team, but we have a lot of experienced players. My philosophy is to respect the essence of Colombian football, not to feel less than anyone, but a little more Seriously ‘, Lorenzo said in his official presentation.

There is an obvious factor in favor of Colombia: two more places are at risk. Colombia did not finish seventh in the round-robin qualifying round. Seventh place on the road to South Africa in 2010 was a bad situation. It says it may be enough to fight for a place.

However, there is a key factor in the national team finding a good performance quickly: If one takes into account that there will be less than eight games, the margin of error will be small. Losing any point will complicate the aspirations.

In addition, the first two sets of the team should be targeted to avoid any kind of shock and not to fight with one box in the playoffs. Also, get more points to climb the ranks in the FIFA world rankings that are taken into account in the World Cup team draw.

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There will be 48 teams in the 2026 World Cup, which will be divided into 16 teams of 3 people. The first two teams from each zone will advance to the 32nd round, from which there will be elimination brackets directly. But to get there, Colombia must play a tie that will not last long, but there is a need for it.


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