Robbie Bina’s sentencing hearing is delayed for a fourth time so he can see his son graduate

Federal Judge Kissing Francis Approved a movement for the protection of the music producer Robbie Bina The sentencing hearing against him should be adjourned for the fourth time.

In an order issued yesterday Wednesday, The judges announced that the trial would be adjourned until May 20, In his room at Federal Court in Old San Juan, a week after the May 16 delay. The trial was originally scheduled for April 1, but was adjourned until April 7.

In this case, the court approved a petition filed by Bina’s party to delay the trial because the date coincided with the graduation of his youngest son, known as Tsinghua.

“On that date, Mr. Bina Neves’ youngest son will graduate from high school, while his father’s sentencing hearing is scheduled. Mr. Bina Neves’ son wants to appear at his father’s sentencing hearing. On the contrary, Mr. Bina Neves also wants to attend her son’s graduation ceremony. At present, it is impossible to achieve both, ”the petition said yesterday.

In the motion, the defense side recommended that the trial be postponed to May 17, one day later, “to allow his son to attend the graduation ceremony (pina) and to allow his son to be with his father during the sentencing hearing.”

“This request is made in good faith, in the interest of justice, and without delay,” the defense added in its petition.

See the analysis with Leo Aldridge, the trial attorney in the Rafi Pina case, here:

Bina Nives was found guiltyAn arbitral tribunal found two firearms illegally found – one of which was converted to an automatic shotgun – found by federal agents at one of his homes in Cacauz.

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The security forces insisted that he had not been to the house for a long time and that others might have access to the vault, while the prosecution used the recording of a phone call allegedly made by Bina Nives talking about weapons.

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