Injured Frida Sofia reveals photos on networks

Recently a series of films have come to light which have undoubtedly surprised many about them Photos From Frida Sofia Spread on the web where you can see him Many injuries, Scratches and bruises stand out in them.

It is known that the singer’s lawyers presented evidence to the authorities to show his mother, Alejandra Guzman He is truly a violent person.

If you are not in the context, this case is about a fight that Guzman and Frida Sofia faced many years ago, in 2017, in which they reached blows and, as is well known, after sharing a large bottle of alcohol Las Vegas, Mother and daughter attacked each other, both Verbal What PhysicallyAnd, as if that weren’t enough, there are witnesses to that lucky moment.

Images provided by the “Suite la Sofa” media portal, shown in court by Frida’s lawyers, show that it was Alejandra who started the physical assault that day.

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The pictures in question would have been taken by Frida Sofia after the match because they were sent to the then manager “La Guzman” You can read some of the words in it, where Frida responded with a text, which, more than sure, angered everyone who saw the piece Entertainment: “Whether we both have an alcohol problem, it reveals the worst. My mother always asked me, the only truth is, I can not stand it anymore, ”it says.

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In the same news, Frida told her version of what might have happened that night, starting with admitting that she was not fully conscious because she was under the influence of alcohol.

“I know I fainted yesterday when he started pulling my hair because he hugged me 5 minutes ago. I understand that because I’m not a white dove, but I’m already defending myself. Fighting with my mom hurts me so much, I do not know what to say to her. I don’t know, she sees everything that happens in our world ”, said the young woman.

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In Gustavo Adolfo’s controversial interview with Sofia a few weeks ago, the singer admitted when he raised his hand to his mother that day in Las Vegas, noting that this had never happened before.

“I never attacked him in Las Vegas until that day, and I told him: ‘Ya grave * na, I mean no ma’am, you’re going to hit me again,’ he replied by gaining the aggression and defending it.

In addition, there are audios that refer to Frida in English, “I have nothing to hide, nothing, nothing. The only thing I hide from myself is my pain, but that’s it. “

However, on the other hand we have the makeup artist of the Mexican rocker, who seems to be one of the witnesses of that sad night, who says he can appear in court to protect the singer because he promises that it is Frida who started the worst agr3sion.

He mentioned it this way: “It started when a friend left the restaurant, and what’s more, someone came out of safety,” the makeup artist said.

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Similarly, when he pulled his mother’s hair, he confirmed that the first person to start was Frida Sofia, and according to her reports this was not only done in Las Vegas, but also when they came to Los Angeles.

Juan Manuel, the host of the popular show we mentioned earlier, said that he had spoken to the make-up artist of “La Guzmனின்n” and that these were the exact words he had confessed to him.

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