Thus how the end of the season will be, the plan of which club will get the title

In anticipation of the last five La Liga games, ESPN Digital shares with you a plan of the football code on how the season will end and which club will win the Spanish crown.

The 2020/21 Lalika season is nearing its end Athletes, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla They contradict each other for the title, so Spanish football fans can expect one of the most exciting campaign results in recent years.

Round 34

Elch Versus. Atletico de Madrid

With a 58% probability, Colconeros is shaping up to beat Elche, a team with only a 17 percent chance of beating Atletico de Madrid.

Against Real Madrid. Osasuna

According to ESPN’s Football Index, Meringus is widely favored for winning against Pamplona with a 68% chance of getting three points.

Against Valencia. Barcelona

Despite playing as a spectator on a tough court like Mestalla, Barcelona have a good chance of winning against Valencia. According to the FI, the Cooley Club has a 78% probability of taking over all units.

Seville Versus. Athlete Bilbao

With 52%, Seville are the favorites to win the match, although there is a 27% chance of the match ending in a draw.

According to the Football Power Index, how the Lalika classification ends after the 34th:

Atletico de Madrid | Points: 76
Real Madrid | Points: 74
Barcelona | Points: 74
Seville | Points: 73

Day 35

Against Barcelona. Atletico de Madrid

Due to the clash between Barcelona and Atletico de Madrid the date 35 may be important to define the La Liga champions. The Football Index is in favor of the Catalan team with a 62% chance, and a 20% chance that the match will end in a draw.

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Against Real Madrid. Seville

Against Barcelona. The fight between Atletico de Madrid, Merenguez and Sevillanos was crucial in the aspirations of both teams to win the Spanish first division title. The FI said Zidane’s team had a 50% chance of winning. If Barcelona win against Atletico, Madrid will rise to the top if they beat Andalusia.

According to the Football Power Index, how the Lalika classification ends after the 35th:

Real Madrid | Points: 77
Barcelona | Points: 77
Atletico de Madrid | Points: 76
Seville | Points: 73

Round 36

Lift versus. Barcelona

According to the FII, Barcelona will not lose as they have a 74% chance of beating Levante as a spectator. Cooley’s team has only an 11% chance of falling short.

Seville Versus. Valencia

Julen Lopetegui’s team returns to winning ways against Valencia The Football Index gives Sevilla a 63% chance of beating Mestalla.

Against Atletico de Madrid. The real community

Real Sociedad have a 27% chance of getting a tie at Wanda Metropolitano, however, ‘Solo’ Simeone have a 50% chance of winning against Anoita and continuing their fight for the league.

Against Granada. Real Madrid

With a 58% chance, the ‘whites’, according to the football index, will win against Granada. This decision will allow Madrid to be at the top of the standings.

According to the Football Power Index, how the Lalika classification ends after the 36th:

Real Madrid | Points: 80
Barcelona | Points: 80
Atletico de Madrid | Points: 79
Seville | Points: 76

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Day 37

Against Athlete Bilbao. Real Madrid

In a difficult field like San Momes, Real Madrid usually achieve good results, and this season will not be any different because the FI predicts that Meringue will win. However, although the team from the Spanish capital is a favorite, FI offers them less than a 50% chance.

Against Atletico de Madrid. Osasuna

With almost 60% chance of adding three points, Atletico de Madrid are the FI candidate to win the game and stay very close to Real Madrid, but the day will end without a chance to raise the La Liga title.

Against Barcelona. Zelda Vigo

With only a 10% chance of winning at Camp Nou, Zelda de Vigo will “try” to win the title for Real Madrid, but it will be very difficult for them to beat Barcelona, ​​a team with a 76% chance. Take three points.

Villarreal Versus. Seville

Despite a significant advantage in the standings, Sevilla are not favorites against Villarreal, a club with the best chances (40%) to win the final determination of the 2020/21 season.

According to the football code, how does the Lalika classification end after the 37th:

Real Madrid | Points: 83
Barcelona | Points: 83
Atletico de Madrid | Points: 82
Seville | Points: 76

Round 38

EPar vs. Barcelona

In the final game of the season, Barcelona will play for the La Liga title, and the Football Index gives them a 72% chance of winning against Eber. Catalan will have to wait for Madrid to paint or look out against the yellow submarine.

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Against Real Madrid. Villarreal

For Real Madrid, Zidane have a 54% chance of beating Villarreal and winning their second consecutive La Liga title. Madrid, which ends with the same number of points as Barcelona, ​​will be thankful for winning both matches against Catalonia.

Valladolid Versus. Atletico de Madrid

Like Barcelona and Madrid, Colconeros beat Valladolid this season. In this way, Atletico should be pushed to third place at the start of 2021 after failing to take advantage of a more important point advantage than Catalan and Meringue.

Seville Versus. Always

Lopetegui have a 64% chance of finishing the season by beating Alabas. With the win, Seville will end up as the fourth best team in the Iberian Championship.

According to the football code, how does the Lalika classification end after the 38th:

Real Madrid | Points: 86
Barcelona | Points: 86
Atletico de Madrid | Points: 85
Seville | Points: 79

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