Cancer, Leo and Virgo: What awaits them in health, money and love for 2022; This is what TAROT says

Moni Widente Published predictions for each identity Cancer, The lion Y The sign of Virgo He noted that by 2022 it will be very good for people who are part of this category.

That is why The Astrologer Informed Lucky colors, Numbers to take into account and especially some Predictions For this new 2022.


Noted that it is ruled for the first water sign Luna, Magical, sensitive and emotional, he revealed that they are excellent teachers and community leaders. 2022 It will be a dynamic year, and one of the examples of rediscovery is promotion at work.

The Paper This New Year’s moon is “Do not suffer anymore, it will be the year of strength, and understand that you have become more and more material than love, and abundance will come to you.”


Magic Number: 03

The lion

Moni Widente Noted that those born in the zodiac sign of Leo are done Success, And they will continue to grow in all possible ways. Sports This year, get involved in the diet, refresh yourself at work, and practice everything you want this year without waiting for others. ” Astrologer.

Another thing he mentions is the madman’s letter, which is the year and the letter Troops Will be on The lion, Which means they have to be more Spiritual And gladly thankful.

“The Letter from the madman This is to leave the evils that can hurt you and stagnate you in the life of the world, so this year the sign of the lion has been rediscovered, ”he said, but they will also have a special power to make money.

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White color

Magic Number: 09

The sign of Virgo

Dominating Thursday, The largest and warmest planet, cards 2022 They belong to the monk and the sun, the pillar of the house of the virgin, so this year he is more likely to buy property.

Being surrounded by good friends and an unrestricted partner is very important. “Look for a full partner who is one hundred percent with you,” he said. Mhoni.

Magic Number: 20

Silver color

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