Pictures of the altercation between William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez surfaced.

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez's breakup has turned into a scandalPictures from last Thursday A domestic dispute involving a couple And the police attended.

Last March 2 Officials went to the artists' home at Elizabeth's invitationIn a video posted by El Gordo y la Flaca, he was outside the house with his daughter Kylie.

This is my house and my ex is with another girl (…) He's in something, there's a girl inside,” the actress and model tells the police.

At that moment, Levi's screams demand to be left alone and his daughter's response is very sad: “No, you have to leave us alone.”.

Elizabeth explains to the authorities that her daughter went to get some things from the house when she saw a woman trying to hide in her father's room.

Levy's ex-partner insists on taking her home, but only one officer is responsible for speaking with the Cuban actor. This conversation cannot be revealedUnlike what happens outside the home, it occurs within private property.

During the conversation, one of the officers asked Kylie if her father abused her and the young woman. He said that he pushed her so that he would not see her..

As they leave the house, the other police officer tells them that the girl is not there, only the cleaner, but Elizabeth and Kylie insist that she must be gone or gone before they arrive.

The couple's daughter reacted very angrily, and it was Elizabeth who clarified the reason for her behavior to the police: “She's seen a lot, she's been through a lotShe needs to grow up fast because like I said I blocked him and he messaged her and she got into it and it was unfortunate.

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In conversations with authorities, Elizabeth confirmed living in an apartment with Kylie.

“We see him at a baseball game twice a week He neither sees nor speaks to his daughter, he doesn't even text to ask if you've eaten, how are you, or want money. “I'm living off what my family gives me because he was like, get out of here, give me the car keys, I'm in a rental car, that's the situation,” Elizabeth tells authorities.

Exactly a week ago the actress Both confirmed their separation After almost 20 years together.

William Levy, for his part, promised he had it on Instagram Your version of the story And he even threw in a hint that many thought was aimed at the mother of his children: “For those to whom I have given so much, they try to destroy everything”.

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