In swimwear, ‘Puma’ Rodriguez’s daughter breaks the summer 2023 trend

actress Appearance Rodriguez She continues to leave reasons to be admired on her social networks. The 35-year-old American is considered one of the most beautiful women of the seventh art and always sets trends in everything she wears and is very influential on digital platforms.

Genesis Rodriguez poses. Source: Instagram @genirodriguez

daughter Jose Luis ‘Puma’ Rodriguez She was born in Miami and her career in front of the screens has been milestones, for which she is remembered, appearing in the soap operas “Prisonara”, “Give Me Chocolate” and “Donna Barbara”. Genesis Rodriguez thus began a successful career and his talent knew no bounds.

Genesis Rodriguez’s post on Instagram

On social media, Appearance Rodriguez It accumulates more than 900 thousand followers, which continues to grow at the same rate as its popularity. Jose Luis ‘Puma’ Rodriguez’s daughter goes viral every time she shares content on these sites, winning all the eyeballs as she has done in the past few hours.

Genesis Rodriguez poses. Source: Instagram @genirodriguez

In a story he posted on Camera’s social media, Appearance Rodriguez Appears in a photo shoot and poses in a bathing suit. The chosen dress is one-piece and black, with a simple design, but it allowed to break the summer 2023 trend.

Genesis Rodriguez poses. Source: Instagram @genirodriguez

Position of daughter Jose Luis ‘Puma’ Rodriguez in your account instagram This helped to demonstrate her good sense of fashion and the beauty she displayed. Additionally, the outfit chosen this time complimented her toned body, which is one of the traits that are generally admired by her fans. Genesis Rodriguez knows how to always look beautiful and be an inspiration to other women.

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In a swimsuit, Genesis Rodriguez broke this summer trend

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