“I want the best for Cubans”

Manager Boris ArencibiaA resident of Miami, appeared as a prominent organizer in social networks Santa Maria Music Festival He also assured that the project was created with the benefit of all Cubans in mind.

In a live broadcast on Instagram, the entrepreneur came up with the idea of ​​creating a show in Cuba featuring internationally renowned artists. “Living Legend” songThis explains it Linear table and American rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine.

“The desire was to do it in Havana, but we were given the opportunity in a more remote location, Cayo Santa Maria,” Boris said, without pointing out that the location is completely under the radar. Regulation of GAESAAgency of the Ministry of the Armed Forces of Cuba.

The manager insisted his aim was to show they could Change mindset and life in CubaIf you return to the island, every expat Cuban knows what to do.

“We can make any Cuban happier than an Italian, a Frenchman or a Spaniard. Tourism in Cuba“, said.

The Cuban-American businessman promised to get it Heavy criticism for organizing the event But he insists that he does not have a political message, but a social and solidarity one.

Arencibia thanked Puerto Rican, American and Cuban artists Santa Maria Music Festival. Specially Tekashi 6ix9ine And the rapper explained that he gave his presentation, saying he did it for free for the Cuban people.

Commenting on the manager, the manager said he respects all Cubans, wherever they are in the world, and assured them that his mission is to achieve great things for them.

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Complaint of receiving Threats from influencers in Miami He asked that those born on the island recognize that they are people who only want the best for their people.

“We hope this will be a beginning for all of us, where we feel solidarity and mutual respect to be better people. I want it to be a renaissance for those in Cuba and those from abroad,” Arencibia said.

The ceremony will be broadcast on that day Streaming siteBut it’s not free, Cubans living abroad can pay.

Santa Maria Music Festival It stands out for the presence of Cuban singers living in America and for the diversity of artistic interpretations. Linear table And ChocolateBut serious institutional problems and Poor hotel management.

Many people have understood this event A facelift for tourism in CubaHotels are at one of its worst levels, with absolutely no stock and poor services.

Statements that Boris Arencibia They have also worked to put a face on the organization of the event, which is still unclear as to which company is running it. It is speculated that GAESA may be a ghost company created to run the festival and continue to fatten its coffers.

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