Grupo Firm already has a presence in the Cascatlan stadium

Salvadorans didn’t mind the scorching heat as they lined up early to enter the stadium and cheer on the Mexican team.

Around 4:00 p.m., Grupo Firmi fans entered the stadium Cascatlan Enjoy your music.

“Let’s go second,” said Wendy Carrillo, asking permission to attend the event. He expressed that he was disappointed when the concert was rescheduled due to rain, but he was not going to miss it for anything.

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Others took the opportunity to find their locations and sing “Ya Superme”.

The line of people from noon is very long. Photo: HRE / Francisco Rubio

A few hours earlier, brothers Edwin and Johnny Gass were already at the stadium to conform He promised to sing to the Salvadorans.

The sun wasn’t a deterrent to the early arrival of Salvadorans. Photo: HRE / Francisco Rubio

They were also very happy because of the low income.

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The artists promised to put on a great show for all Salvadorans who love the regional Mexican genre.

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