Canoo LDV 190 offers 30% more surface area and 21% more payload capacity

The Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle L (LDV) 190 offers 30% more space and 21% more payload capacity

Kano Technologies (NASDAQ: GOV ), an advanced carrier, today announced that it will launch the new Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle (LDV) 190, expanding the company’s footprint in the Class 2 electric cargo van segment.

“This latest vehicle offers even more space and flexibility for fleet owners with the same unique and technologically advanced performance of our original LDV 130,” says Tony Aquila, President and CEO of Canoo. “As we build our family of vehicles over time, we look forward to continuing to offer models and options that improve safety, reliability and performance and are zero-emissions.”

The LDV 190 shares the same MPP as the LDV 130, but has enhanced suspension to handle the higher payload of Class 2 vehicles. Drivers will find it boasts the same dynamic handling and performance as the LDV 130, courtesy of Canoo’s award-winning wire-steering system. Patented.

Despite the increased payload capacity and body length, the wheelbase and low center of gravity are maintained from the LDV 130. This ensures predictable driving behavior at all speeds while maintaining maneuverability at low speeds and in urban areas.

Kano LDV 190

The LDV 190 also features a unique patent-pending interchangeable rear-loading cartridge that provides the customer the ability to switch between a barn door, a louvered door, and a separate tailgate configuration that includes a loading ramp. Customers will have the option of 50/50 double barn doors with 270-degree hinges that fold back against the body and provide easy access to cargo and easier loading of larger items.

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An optional stepped bumper provides additional protection and access to the rear cargo area. The cargo area has been expanded to 172 cubic feet of space behind the standard bulkhead, with more cargo space available in the front cabin on the optional single-seat version.

Based on the LDV 190’s increased payload size, light-emitting diode (LED) lighting provides visibility in all conditions. The vehicle also features optional composite translucent roof panels that allow more natural light into the load area during the day. Cargo density, access and organization are maximized with available racking systems, storage bins and a unique sliding loading floor with a working capacity of 1,000 lbs.

The LDV 190 and its larger size and capacity fit in between the already successful LDV 130 and the upcoming larger Canoo MPDV. Like all vehicles in Canoo’s fleet, the LDV 190’s unique purpose-built platform design delivers extreme load density, maximizes safety and driver comfort, yet maintains the smallest footprint and longest range of all electric vehicles in the Class 2 segment.

The company says it is making progress to achieve a production readiness level of 20,000 vehicles per year by the end of 2023. It is building a vehicle assembly plant in Oklahoma City and a battery plant in Prior, Oklahoma.

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So, the Canoo Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle L (LDV) 190 offers 30% more space and 21% more payload capacity.

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