Hundreds of passengers were stranded in Trinidad and others in California

Hundreds of passengers were stranded Sunday at Piarco International Airport, on the Caribbean island of Trinidad, after Caribbean Airlines canceled eight flights without explanation.

In the United States, specifically in California, on Sunday 80 flights that were to depart from stations in Southern California were canceled. The cancellation of these trips came as a result of Storm Hillary, which is expected to hit that state with catastrophic floods.

In Trinidad, according to local media, the airline told passengers that they had to go home and that they would get a call when their flights became available, causing chaos among travelers.

Four of the eight canceled flights were headed to the US cities of Miami, New York, Orlando and the Canadian city of Toronto.

Likewise, four flights to Tobago have been cancelled, as have others to the Caribbean islands of Barbados and St. Lucia.

Likewise, about five out of seven flights scheduled to reach Trinidad have been cancelled.

Four of these came from Tobago and one from Barbados.

The only two flights that managed to land in Trinidad were from Grenada and Guyana.

Given all this, some passengers demanded from the airline some immediate alternatives to travel.

For its part, Caribbean Airlines said in a statement that the cancellations were due to “resource controls.”

The airline faces delays and cancellations on many of its international and domestic services. The company said affected travelers are being notified that they will be re-housed on the first available flight.”

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