Guatemala’s Presidency Sandra Torres Casanova escaped from UNE for a third term

Former Guatemalan First Lady Sandra Torres Casanova lost her third consecutive term this Sunday, August 20. Guatemala’s second round of presidential elections Awaiting confirmation whether to proceed within the policy or not.

“My mind didn’t reach me there, today I have the chip in a different place”, Torres said later in the afternoon, before the results were released, that he finally did when a journalist asked him about staying in politics if he lost the election.

So far, the former first lady has not spoken after the numbers that gave Bernardo Arevalo de León the second round of elections and confirmed him as president for the period 2024-2028. over the National Unity of Hope (UNE) candidate.

Torres Casanova’s press conference, Scheduled for tonight, it was canceled after the results were announced, leaving the former first lady in second place, as was the case in 2015 and 2019.

Data from this Sunday’s vote indicated that Torres Casanova won five of the 22 departments that make up Guatemala, but the big difference in favor of Arevalo de León was also in the country’s capital. There he received approximately 75% of the valid votes cast.

With conservative speech

After a campaign alongside priest Romeo Guerrera as vice presidential candidate, he adopted a conservative rhetoric and aligned himself with retired military veterans and other traditional sectors. In the past he became the leader of the International Socialist Organization.

In 2019, the presidential candidate spent four months in prison on charges that he illegally used 40 million quetzals (approximately five million dollars) in his 2015 campaign. In case documented by wiretap.

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Torres Casanova divorced her husband in 2011. Alvaro Colum Caballeros (President 2008-2012), He was able to participate in the 2012 presidential elections, but it was not until 2015 that authorities recognized his candidacy for the first time.

Guatemala’s presidency was defined this Sunday after a controversial election process. Due to harassment since July 12 by the Ministry of Public Affairs (MP) against the candidate of the political group Movimiento Semilla.

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