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Many people may experience loss or loss on a daily basis. Robot Of a mobile phone.

Also, even if you think you no longer have any hope of recovering the cell phone, there is an option that allows in the case of the iPhone Monitor the deviceOr, even if it is turned off.

According to the official support page of Apple, which makes iPhones, the first thing to keep in mind is to track the location of a device ‘Find’ function.

To do this, you need to open the ‘Settings’ option and activate the toolbar. ‘Search my iPhone’. Then, the ‘Find network’ function is activated, and if you want to send the last one to Apple when the phone’s battery is low, the option is enabled ‘Send last place’.

To find the iPhone on the map, the user must note that they need to confirm their functionality ‘Location’ Active, which is found in the ‘Privacy’ option.

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The ‘Discover’ network allows you to find other Apple products as well.

However, in the event of theft or loss, Apple may require you to follow these steps:

1. Locate the device on a map: You can do this by logging in Using the ‘Discover’ application.

In the second option, the ‘Devices’ tab is selected to view the location. If the user already has the ‘Family Sharing’ function configured, the cell phone can be tracked automatically without having to enter their Apple ID.

Note: If the iPhone is disabled, it will provide the last recorded location.

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2. Mark the device as lost: Enabling the ‘Mark as lost’ or ‘Lost mode’ option locks the phone and keeps the information secure using a code.

Additionally, users can display a customized message with their contact information on the lock screen, if desired.

3. Clear the device remotely: This functionality should only be used if you no longer want to monitor the device, but want to protect the data.

Enabling the ‘Clear This Device’ option removes all information (including Apple Pay credit or debit cards).

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The Apple page also suggests that after a theft or loss, it is important Report the truth Contact the police front and cell phone operator, which can deactivate the account to prevent phone calls, text messages being sent and data being consumed.

Similarly, it is recommended to change the password of the Apple ID and various active accounts on the iPhone (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).

iOS 15 will upgrade this feature

The latest version of Apple’s operating system (iOS 15), which will be released in September this year, will have the opportunity to detect the phone In real time If it is disabled.

According to ‘Claren’ media, the secret is with the iPhone iOS 15 It will not turn off completely. Instead, if this option is not disabled, the power will be on.

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