Telegram launches unlimited voice chats to help millions of listeners

The new functionality allows the administrator to add listeners who request input to the chat and choose whether or not to save the broadcast audio.

Telegraph messaging application Advertising Introducing voice chats on groups and channels last Friday, there will be no limits on the number of participants.

The transaction can be initiated by the team or the channel administrator. There are two types of calls. Chiefs, aimed at the listener, will predict that the chat participant will be disabled by default. Second, it allows speakers to speak as soon as the user joins the exchange. This option is not mandatory because any participant can connect as a listener, so please intervene and ask to join the chat with the administrator’s approval.

Unlike social networking Clubhouse, The new functionality is similar in many respects, allowing the telegram administrator to choose whether or not to save the audio of the broadcast. If you have, you can share it with subscribers.

Another unique feature is that third-party channel managers can join from their personal account and their channel names. “Celebrities and the public can use this option to avoid focusing too much on their personal accounts,” he explained in a statement.

The first edition of group chats was launched on Telegram last December. However, the number of participants was limited to a maximum of participants in the group, which is currently 200,000. For its part, the number of channel followers is unlimited.

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