Mexico continues to feed me, which is why I love him: Luca Martinez Dubois

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The first three years of his life were spent in Mexico, where he was born in San Luis Bodos, which was enough for him. Luca Martinez Dubois says eternal gratitude to our country, Which is trying to make a comeback through football The Mexican national team is currently at the U-20 level.

Holder at Rosario Central Already shows him Intuitive score Just 19 years old, DuPont confirmed that Mexico “provides food for him and his family to this day.”For this reason, although he says he is not 100 percent determined, he is adamant about wearing the national shirt.

My oldest spent eight years there, Mexico has given us a roof and a plate of food to this day. His best years as a footballer were in Mexico and That is why I have a love for the country and a desire to represent it“, In an interview with the media PolaviIP.

“He’s not 100% determined yet, but Yes, let them know that I am leaving my life for the national team Because, I’m sorry, representing a country is never going to go away, it has all the history and a whole country behind it.

‘I had a pre-Olympic desire’

Admitted to the pre-list of 50 footballers shared by Jaime Lozano before selecting El Tri representatives to look for tickets to the Olympics, Martinez Dubois He admitted that he had a desire to compete in pre-Olympics competitions And following the summaries of the presentations at the Eleventh Green.

I feel a lot of support, the affection they give me to represent the national teamThat’s why I go with a lot of desire because I didn’t expect it, so much affection is beautiful, ”he said of the illusion of wearing a Mexican uniform.

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Argentina have already tested Martinez Dubuque

Not wanting to delve too deeply into this matter, The young man from Rosario Central confirmed that there were “attitudes” by Argentine executives to change his mind and wear Albiceleste., He will soon be reporting with the U-20 Microcycle Triangle with Santiago Nevada and Eugenio Pisto.

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