Seiko Perez received an incredible portrait from a fan; This is his reaction

‘Fever’ Czech Perez He follows everything he gives, and it is after him The best shows in Formula One 1, has won a good number Followers, There are some who perform Artwork for the pilot.

The Mexican, Who lives First season With the team Red bull, Yes Was able to go on stage This season and continues to threaten to climb, because the last GP. He constantly wants to bring joy to his fans.

History of the painting of Seko Perez

In the first days of June, Czech Perez Won the victory Baku Grand Prix, Bluntly In the first place After a huge race, it was an event Left many moments to remember But one thing in particular Indestructible.

Ann Social networks transcend a sketch What a woman did Czech Perez, Has been identified as Tania Barrero, The same as living Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, so what I wanted it to reach the Mexican pilot.

With the help of aunt And other Netizens, painting Czech Perez And news Tania Began to spread throughout Website, So it doesn’t take long to reach the Mexican pilot’s eyes He would have contacted her so she could reach him.

It took a while to get his hands on it, but Once Seco Perez got it, Registered a News In order Thanks to Tania Barrero for the details Identify the talent you have for drawing these Works of art.

“Tania, thank you so much for your work For this great detail. You get a very special place in my house. A warmth, ”Seco Perez said in the video.

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The Mexican response was shared hundreds of times in the same way. Because it’s not completely normal to walk with a fan like this, but If we have already seen C’l ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, With Czech Perez That too is possible.

Czech Perez Still preparing for what will be Next GP, Well it works Britain, Where expected Let’s get on stage once again.

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