How to clean Telegram to free up space on your mobile

Is Telegram eating up a lot of your mobile storage? Apply these tricks and you will see the results.

Do you need space on your smartphone? With these tips and tricks you can delete photos, images, videos and Telegram files and free up space on your mobile.

Telegram is one of the most popular instant messaging applications today. Its different functionalities and services is what makes it so special for users.

However, as with all applications of this type, one of its biggest problems is the internal storage consumption from your mobile device.

How to clean Telegram to free up space on your mobile

Although, unlike alternatives such as WhatsApp, in the case of Telegram, the data storage is done most of the time in the cloud, so your mobile device tends to suffer less in this section.

Even so, a lot of information is downloaded and stored in your terminal as you use it, and when you realize it, a large portion of your storage its busy.

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Tips and tricks to clean Telegram and free up space on your mobile

Below, you can see some very useful tips that will be of great help if you want clean Telegram and free up storage space on your mobile.

Configure Telegram storage usage

We told you that Telegram base your cloud storage, which can be very useful to release this section on your mobile. The fact is that it also has its negative point.

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Assuming the case that you have cleared app cache to free up spaceWhen you want to take a look at old content within a chat, it will start to download all the multimedia content again.

Fortunately, Telegram it has some cool features in this regard. The first one is how long you want the application to keep the media files on your device before automatically deleting it.

If you go to “Settings> Data and storage> Storage usage”, you will find a section called “Preserve multimedia” and different options ranging from 3 days, 1 week, 1 month and without limits.

Configure Telegram storage usage

Configure file storage in Telegram

At this point, you simply have to adjust the time you want to keep the multimedia files on your device and that’s it. Of course, consider that the option “Unlimited”, it will make the application understand that you never want anything to be deleted.

As for the second option, you can select different options for multimedia auto-download, whether it is done with mobile data, Wi-Fi or through data roaming.

If you want to go one step further, you can disable these options, in such a way that the download of multimedia files within a chat, whether new or old, is done manually, where you can select what you want to download and what not.

This is very useful especially since limit the amount of multimedia files that are downloaded to your mobile and you will avoid that the storage is saturated, especially if you have many groups.

Delete unnecessary chats from Telegram

It has happened to all of us that we have a conversation with a contact and we forgot the chat for a long time or maybe one day you decided to try a bot and never opened that chat again.

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An excellent starting point for clean Telegram and free up storage space on your mobile it is precisely delete all those chats that you will not need, plus it is very easy to do.

Delete unnecessary chats from Telegram

Empty Telegram chats and conversations to free up space on your mobile

To do this, you simply must select all the chats you want to delete and then slide your finger to the trash can icon which is shown at the bottom and then “Empty chat> Empty chat”. This will erase all the data, images, audio and more from your device, freeing up storage space on your mobile.

Keep in mind that if you want to delete Telegram messages and entire conversations for all participants, that is, those that are not with bots, you must confirm if you want it to be deleted for the other person or only for you.

Delete chat on Telegram

So you can delete the chat with a person on Telegram

Delete the Telegram cache

The last of the options for clean Telegram and free up space on your mobile it is perhaps one of the simplest. It is about clearing the cache of the application, and in this case, your conversations, data or multimedia files will not be deleted, only the copy stored on your mobile will be removed.

Clear Telegram cache

Clear cache in Telegram

This option is also found in “Settings> Storage data> Storage usage”, you will find a section called “Clear Telegram cache”. There it will simply show the information that occupies this section in the storage of your mobile.

Clear Telegram cache data

Delete data and files to have more space on your mobile

You just have to select everything you want to delete and then delete them from your mobile, so you will be freeing up unnecessary storage space on your device.

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As you will see, it is very simple clean Telegram to free up space on your terminal. Now you just have to try these simple tips and you will notice the difference. If it worked for you, let us know so we will continue to bring you new tricks.

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