The 3 most common mistakes in organizing studies

The 3 most common mistakes in organizing studies

Often studio owners ignore the design chapter entirely, thinking that such a small space is impossible to style in a complex way.

At the same time, those who live in studios or one-bedroom apartments tend to bring as few items into the main room as possible, so as not to overcrowd it. As a result, I get a boring space, without personality, which gives the impression of emptiness.

Instead, the truth is that any home, regardless of its size, can have a charming interior design. Here are the most common mistakes when it comes to organizing studies and how you can avoid them.

1. Overloading the space or, conversely, leaving a space too empty

When organizing their studio, most homeowners are tempted to fall into one of two traps that are equally dangerous to the final appearance of the home.

Some people feel that they have to include all standard furniture in the study, whether they need it or not. Thus, the available space is filled with a coffee table, desk, sofa or bed, cabinets, bedside tables, bodies with drawers and more and more furniture.

Other people, on the other hand, aware of the limit of space, tend to buy very little furniture or always choose the smallest wardrobe, the narrowest sofa and the shortest chest of drawers. As a result, a lot of empty space remains, creating the feeling that something is missing.

Solution: use multifunctional furniture

If you want to avoid the two previous situations, the solution is to invest in furniture that fulfills several functions.

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Thus, you can buy an extendable table, which you can adjust according to your needs; You can adjust it when you need space and you can expand it when you have guests or want to work on your laptop.

Similarly, you can opt for adjustable storage spaces, sofa beds or furniture that can be moved or adapted as needed.

2. Placing a bed in the room

You know that a study is poorly arranged when, in the middle of the main room or, conversely, in a corner, there is a classic bed, which cannot be folded. Even if you have a small house and you definitely need a comfortable space to sleep, this does not mean that you have to convert the house into a bedroom.

Placing a bed, especially a spacious one, in the living room will make the environment always be geared towards boredom, tiredness and lethargy.

Solution: buy a sofa bed

To have a modern living room and a comfortable bedroom, the perfect solution is a sofa bed. You can buy cheap sofas in, where you have a variety of models and colors.

Choose a simple sofa or island, the latter will give you more space for guests or family members, without the appearance of the room suggesting that you are in fact in a bedroom.

3. Choose a boring design, only with light tones

You’ve probably heard that dark tones reduce space, while light colors can open and enlarge it.

While these things are true, it does not mean that you have to choose, for your study, only white, cream or light gray. These shades, separately or combined with each other, will only create a boring space, without personality.

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Fix: play with more colors, including bold hues

Used in small quantities and strategically placed, even shades like brown or black can contribute to a pleasant design in a less spacious home.

Don’t be afraid to integrate, in addition to the light tones, one or two strong colors, such as orange, blue, green or pink. These will add charm and uniqueness.

Last but not least, try to combine different textures and shapes, to obtain an interesting space, whose unique design will make you forget that you are in a study.

In the end, every little choice counts, so keep the recommendations above in mind and don’t be afraid to experiment. Your studio will look great in the end!

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