“The Marksman” was with Liam Neeson …

The action thriller “The Marksman” starring Liam Neeson topped the North American weekend box office.

At the second weekend of the premiere, the film, directed by Robert Lawrence, grossed just over $ 2 million, bringing the total to $ 6.09 million in the United States, according to boxofficemojo.com.

Neeson plays a farmer from the Arizona border who becomes the bodyguard of a young Mexican who hides from a cartel that follows him to the United States.

Second place went to the animation “The Groots: A New Age” after grossing $ 1.8 million for the ninth weekend since its launch. To date, this film is in North America. 41.8 million.

In the second film “Wonder Woman” directed by Grandma Jenkins, she co-starred with Calcutta and Chris Pine, which grossed $ 1.6 million in its fifth weekend of release.

The $ 200 million Warner Bros. production was simultaneously screened in North American cinemas and on the HBO Max site. It will no longer be available on stage and, starting on Sunday, will only run in theaters. To date, in North America, “Wonder Woman 1984” is total. 37.7 million, and internationally.3110.3 million.

The play “News of the World” starring Tom Hanks lost another place in the charts. Paul Green Cross’s film grossed 10,810,000 in its fifth weekend. In North America, the film grossed 65 9.65 million.

Paul W.S., played by Milla Jovovich. The fantasy thriller “Monster Hunter” directed by Anderson went fifth. By the sixth weekend of its premiere, the film had grossed $ 810,000, grossing $ 1 10.1 million.

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The top 10 at the North American box office were completed by the thriller “Fadel”, the play “Promising Young Girl”, the play “Our Friend”, the comedy “War with Grandpa” and the fantasy adaptation “Pinocchio”.

Cinemas in major North American markets such as New York and Los Angeles are closed indefinitely, so the box office is recording some of the lowest values ​​of all time.

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