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When talking about the successful series from the premiere, one cannot fail to mention “”, a Telemundo production that wows its millions of fans . That’s why many people wonder if there is a conspiracy . Find out the details here.

has acted Kate del Castillo And a great cast de Telemundo has achieved a significant following on the popular streaming platform Netflix.

Precisely, after winning its first and second seasons, “ Provides new episodes to its followers Season 3. This distribution It was released on December 30. Many have since praised the actors for their excellent work.

Although some have already seen all the episodes of the third season, a rumor has been heard that it is possible .

Kate Del Castillo in “The Queen of the South”, Season 3. (Photo: Netflix)

Will Queen of the South get a season 4?

Queen of the South” is one of the most popular productions in recent times and millions of its fans are waiting to watch new episodes after season 3.

Although successful through the production of telemundo, Whether the aforementioned television network will air new episodes of the hit series is yet to be determined.

mentioned as Not confirmed – at this time – The Season 4 of “Queen of the South”What adds upAnd “the story doesn’t allow for much more, so the chances of it being renewed for a fourth season are, at the very least, slim.”

“The Queen of the South 3” is already on Netflix.

How many seasons does “La Reina del Sur” have?

Currently continuingQueen of the South” is airing its third season, although other distributions behind it have received public applause. Thus we have:

  • First Season: From February 28 to May 30, 2011
  • Second season: From April 29 to July 29, 2019
  • Third season: December 30, 2022 – Present

“La Reina del Sur” Trailer – Season 3

More information on “Queen of the South”.

“La Reina del Sur” Technical Paper

  • Original title: Queen of the South
  • Genre: Drama
  • First Season Premiere Year: 2011
  • Country: Mexico
  • Creator: Roberto Stoplo
  • Based on “La Reina del Sur” by Arturo Pérez-Reverte
  • Directed by: Walter Dohner, Carlos Bolado
  • Screenplay: Valentina Parraga, José Miguel Núñez Macías
  • Novel: Arturo Perez-Revert
  • Music: Francis Amat
  • Photo: Alejandro Garcia W.
  • Seasons: 3
  • Chapters: 173

What is “La Reina del Sur” Season 3 About?

,”Season Three’Queen of the SouthPicking up four years after the sensational ending of the second installment, Teresa Mendoza, who has enjoyed a idyllic life with her daughter, finds her hideout threatened by the arrival of military forces. Now, Teresa Mendoza faces the most dangerous mission of her life: she will give up everything to succeed, even if it means burning her throne as ‘La Reina del Sur’. .

Where was “La Reina del Sur 3” recorded?

For its third season, the Telemundo production toured 16 tourist destinations in five Latin American countries.

These include Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia, Machu Picchu in Peru, Teatro Colon in Argentina, and Santa Marta in Colombia.

When will “La Reina del Sur” season 3 end on Telemundo?

is rated as “La reina del sur” season 3 will end on January fortnight.

When this is done, with the eighth season on Tuesday, January 179:00 PM (Eastern Time) on Telemundo in the US.

Why aren’t all episodes of “La Reina del Sur” Season 3 released on Netflix?

If you’ve been excitedly logging on to Netflix to keep up with new episodes of “La reina del sur” and stopped halfway through the story, you’ve figured it out. Season 3 is not complete on stage.

How can you watch “La Reina del Sur 3” on Telemundo right now?

If you’re impatient and want to watch “La Reina del Sur 3” in real time, this is it Airs Monday through Friday at 8:00 PM (Central Time) and 9:00 PM (Eastern Time).. The episodes will also be released on the channel’s website the next day.

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