The life of Donald Trump after the presidency: “One hundred million people will follow him to the ends of the earth”

In the absence of presidential immunity and the targeting of potential prosecutions in four jurisdictions, including illegal business practices, the post-presidential life path has not been announced smoothly, and Trump appears to be far from a one-way street open to former presidents as in his case. Jimmy Carter who embraced human rights, Bill Clinton who went to charity, or George W. Bush who started painting.

As president and businessman, Donald Trump acted as if laws did not apply the same way to him and his aides, who forgave him before leaving office.

A flurry of ongoing criminal investigations could mean that Trump can now be held responsible for a number of actions and behaviors, while his $ 300 million debt and personally secured loans with maturities in the coming years could be an avalanche.

While Trump has denied any allegations of his business or tax returns, his son Eric Trump has indicated that the Trump empire is hungry for health, has liquidity and has opportunities to grow the brand abroad.

One solution to this financial backlash might be to collect $ 170 million from the November election loss, most of it from small donors, in his bogus campaign to “defend the election,” the Guardian wrote.

Eric Trump told the American press: “This is a man who will be followed by a hundred million Americans to the ends of the earth. It has created the largest political movement in American history, so its opportunities are endless.”

The legal boldness that awaited him seemed endless. The Senate is set to begin Trump’s second impeachment process, in which the former president is accused of fomenting revolt, on January 6 at the Capitol. Finding guilt in the Senate not only means that he will not only be able to run for public office again, but also increase the likelihood that he will be found guilty of a criminal investigation by the Washington, DC, attorney general’s office, which opened an investigation into the assault on DC.

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“We are examining all the actors involved, so anyone who turns out to have played a role and committed a crime will be charged,” Acting Attorney General Michael R. Sherwin said when reporters asked him about Trump and the public’s agitation.

His statement was repeated by the attorney general in Atlanta, Georgia, who is considering opening an investigation into a phone conversation between Trump and his secretary of state in which he pressed the former president to cancel the results of the vote in his favor. .

“Like many Americans, I find reports of the president’s phone conversation with the Georgia Secretary of State disturbing. Anyone who commits a crime in violation of Georgia laws in my jurisdiction will be held responsible,” District Attorney Fanny Wells said in a statement.

New York State Attorney Letitia James, who is conducting a civil investigation into Trump’s business practices, made a similar statement on national television last month.

“President Trump cannot escape justice in the great state of New York,” she said, who won a fraud case at Trump’s “university” or “institution,” resulting in a $ 25 million deal. Compensation payments of $ 2 million respectively.

But perhaps the most dangerous legal action threatening Trump is Cyrus Vance, the Manhattan District Attorney, who is conducting a “sophisticated criminal investigation” into Trump’s case of bank fraud, insurance, tax and false tax returns, including testimonies from a former attorney turned enemy of Michael Cohen. , Who claims that the Trump Organization maintains separate accounting records for tax and debt.

In his defense of an eight-year subpoena from tax records, Vance cited “public reports of possible large-scale and prolonged criminal acts within the Trump Organization.”

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