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Romania is not yet in the EU, according to the 11th grade history textbook, MEP Victor Nekresku said on Tuesday. Announced to the Ministry of Education.

“Romania is not yet in the EU, our children are learning according to the history textbooks. I recently received a picture from an actual 11th grader with some excerpts from the textbook about Romania joining the EU and other outdated information about the EU.

I ordered the textbook and found that it is still included in the 2020-2021 (https://www.edu.ro/manuale-scolare) school curriculum and decided to publicly request the Ministry of Education to review the textbooks as soon as possible. Approved for use in pre-university education. In this context, I propose to quickly fix all references to the EU in the textbooks and introduce a preferred citizenship course that covers in detail aspects of our rights, opportunities and obligations at the European level.

A definite document will soon reach the Ministry of Education, and I promise to launch a course support and an EU education program tailored to the children of the day, along with my colleagues and all interested in the university area. Today “, Nekresku wrote on Facebook.

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The reference manual states that “Currently, the EU is made up of 25 states and is in the process of being approached by other countries, including Romania.” According to him, this is the textbook of the Nicholas ABC Publishing House, which is still used in class.

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Romania joined the European Union on January 1, 2007.

The first edition of the manual was published in 2006.

I later realized that there are many textbooks that deal with this problem, and in this case we are talking about “History – Textbook for 11th Grade”, Nicholas ABC Publishing. It is a textbook that has been further written and republished, but it is still approved and used by the Ministry. This is not a publication or anything else, it seems a fact that access to some textbooks distributed in schools has not yet been made available to the EU, and an amendment is needed here. At the very least this information should be up-to-date, in fact the teachers are trying to explain it to the children, but at the same time the writing needs to be updated, ”he explained. HotNews.ro Victor Nekresku, BSD MEP, Vice President of the European Parliament’s Education and Culture Commission.

He said he would send a letter to the Ministry of Education in this regard and propose to establish a preferred subject for the study of European citizenship.

Sources: hotnews.ro, Facebook (Victor Nekresku)

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