Group video calling on WhatsApp web: You can do one thing

In recent years and mainly since the eruption COVID-19 And control measures for movement encountered in its first months International spread, தி Video calls In a way they are becoming more and more relevant among the people Communication In many cases could not meet In person, So this function Share It has become very popular.

A star tool in use The world’s most widely used instant messaging system has more than 2.5 billion active users, none of which are integrated into the version. Computer, WhatsApp Internet, Things will be so much better.

This is a problem that some users sometimes find when trying to connect Team video call Is Button Starting one is unknown from the WhatsApp web.

The button to start a group video call on the WhatsApp web is not enabled, but you can start one this way. (Freibick)

The truth is, this situation is more common than you think and usually the chat you are looking for that icon is compatible with the WhatsApp group, so you will not find the option in that chat.

The limit of people participating in group video calls has recently been extended, but computer versions have not been updated in this regard, so WhatsApp Web or not. WhatsApp desktop You need to enable these features.

So, if your goal is to start a simple video call with a single contact, the way to do it is possible with a personal video call. Computer.

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On the other hand, if you are looking for multiple people in the same group call, you will not see the button to do so, but from your smartphone.

But this is not impossible, because there is a way to connect multiple contacts in a single video call by following this procedure from the WhatsApp web in your browser:

Press the button that marks the clip at the top of your WhatsApp web portal and select the camcorder icon from the menu that appears.

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You will immediately see a dialog box in which you need to select the option I am an ambassador Then Create room.

A new tab will be displayed with the link for the video call, you just need to do that Copy Y To share With the people you want to participate with Virtual encounter.

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