What is the difference .. Find out the differences between iPhone 12 and iPhone 7 Plus

The iPhone 7 Plus was one of the most important phones introduced by Apple because it had long-needed updates and upgrades for users, and it was the first step on the path to the next generation of Apple’s advanced phones, so we make the following comparison between him and the company’s latest iPhone 12:


IPhone 12: 6.1 inch screen.

IPhone 7 Plus: 5.5 inches.

Screen type:

IPhone 12: OL OLED

IPhone 7 Plus: IPS LCD

Screen resolution:

IPhone 12: 2532 x 1170 pixels.

IPhone 7 Plus: 1920 x 1080 pixels.


IPhone 12: A14 bionic processor

IPhone 7 Plus: ஏ Apple A10 Fusion

Internal memory:

IPhone 12: 64GB

IPhone 7 Plus: 256GB

Operating System:

IPhone 12: iOS (14.x)

IPhone 7 Plus: iOS (14.x)


IPhone 12: 2815 mAh.

IPhone 7 Plus: 2,900mAh

Rear camera:

IPhone 12: Dual 12 MP

IPhone 7 Plus: 12 MP camera.

Front camera:

Phone 12 mini: 12 megapixels.

IPhone 7 Plus: 7 megapixels.

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