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Pierre Gasly He begins to lose patience with the invasions Hobby to Pastures Who is the difference? Formula 1.

the pilot Alps He seemed upset after the fans invaded the stadium so much. Pasture During the Italian GBsomething for him He suffered and appeared During the GB Mexican In 2022.

Gasly He confirmed that he loved attending HobbyBut sometimes they don’t give them space for that Move or relax During the Circleswhich was starting to get annoying.

Gaslywith Lando Norriswere the main critics when this situation happened in GB Mexican. In fact, the French pilot They opened their backpack On one of his trips Hermanos Rodriguez Autodrome.

“I love the fans, I always like to stop by and spend time with them. But obviously that’s our work environment.

Sometimes it’s a little complicated to get around and make sure we arrive on time “We respect our commitments because it is minute by minute, and obviously it is one of the busiest pit lines,” Gasly explained to Motorsport.

Gasly He asked the fans not to invade Personal space for pilots.

“He’s very nice, but sometimes There are even people knocking on the door inside the hospitalityShe wonders how they got there.

“So (on people).” Giving us the space we need to function properly“, he stated.

Lando Norris was annoying in Mexico!

In 2022, pilot McLaren Lando Norris was one of the main critics of Mexican JBbecause of Excessive rounding From fans in Pasture.

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“But in many other sports it seems more so Respectable. They need to show this (respect) more often. that simpleNorris said.

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