“Last night my beautician visited me to give me a makeover”

Cuban singer Eduardo Antonio He continues to show signs of recovery after the emergency surgery he underwent in recent days.

“Last night my manicurist went to get me out of the hospital looking good. I’m already on the mend, thank God.”Read this Saturday on their social networks.

“Tivo is Tivo even in intensive care”She added the popular actor with a photo in which she is getting her manicure services done.

Immediately, dozens of the singer’s followers rejoiced at the new sign of progress, indicating that the worst moment was over.

“All those details lift your spirits. They’re all signs of being left behind…come on, you can do it”actress Judith Gonzalez wrote in the comments.

In another release on the same Saturday, a video of the case shows the singer walking again, much more easily than the day before.

Unlike the first video He took his first steps in the hospitalHe watched from behind, aided by health workers and a walker, and in pictures released today, Eduardo Antonio walked forward, without a walker, to complete his section with a proud gesture that delighted his friends. Thousands of followers.

“I love seeing you in attitude now! Everything’s going to be okay! I love you!” wrote Cuban actress Carmen Daisy in a flood of congratulatory comments and wishes for progress.

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