The extraordinary event that befell Iran… Find out why it happened

Fish rain in Iran
Credit: Erem News

Pedestrians and motorists were surprised by a rain of fish on the road in a city in Iran. The event was captured on video and went viral because of how unusual it is to see fish fall from the sky.

By: The Herald


The fallen fish were still alive and jumped as if they had just come out of the water. The video was taken in the Iranian city of Yasuj, after a severe storm hit the small town and is located about 280 kilometers from the nearest coast.

Why did it rain fish in Iran?

Fish rain is a very strange weather phenomenon, however, many cases have been recorded around the world. Earlier, in 2021, Texas had a fish rain.

Studies indicate that this happens when a small cyclone sucks fish from their habitat and carries them into a storm cloud, which then falls together with rain. In many cases, fish do not survive the impact as they fall to the ground or freeze as they pass through areas of low temperature.

These small cyclones form when large amounts of rain and storms fall into the ocean, creating eddies of water. Due to the movement of clouds, it is normal for animals to fall in areas other than the origin of the vortex that can lift the animal into the sky.

Although rains of fish are more famous, history has known rains of other animals such as frogs, spiders and some crustaceans, including a rain of snakes in Memphis, USA in 1877. There is also a record of rain. Frogs such as Alicante, Spain in 2007 and Massachusetts, USA in 1953.

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