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Mexico City. — On social networks they have created numerous memes for Eugenio Derpes’ “youthful” haircut.

The actor had a talk with Dr. Anthony Fucci, a leading expert on infectious diseases in the US, so he decided to cut his hair and shave.

However, the haircut attracted attention and internet users did not miss that detail.

Derbus questions the effectiveness of the Govt vaccine

On the other hand, the comedian said he was not sure about getting the Govit-19 vaccine.

“I had many doubts. I believe the vaccine is very personal and I am not against it, “said Eugenio Derpes.


“The approval time of the vaccine is very short. Prior to this interview with Dr. Fassi, I told the White House: ‘Do I want to interview him to persuade Latinos? Let me inquire first. I am one of the skeptical Latin people, and I want to be well known. ‘

Here are the best memes:

In this note

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