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At 23 years old, Jordi Sanz He is the youngest participant in the first edition of Vicbuyo residence. Although he sent his proposal for a short film script exploring the concept of memory to “try his luck.” A young man from Barcelona He was one of four selected from more than 120 candidates. Thanks to this new training program, Sanz will be able to deepen his work based on the advice of the screenwriter Isabel PenaProject teacher. All this in just seven days and in a paradisiacal environment like the world Ons Island.

How did it feel to be one of the people selected for this first edition of the FICBueu Residency?
The truth is, it was unbelievable. I’ve been somewhere teaching and stuff, but I think this is something completely different. Seven days on an island, and on top of that with Isabel Peña. When I learned about the initiative, I signed up to try my luck, but the truth is, I kind of forgot about it. I did it without thinking that they would call me, but when I got that call and heard the Galician accent, I was really excited.

How do you think these types of initiatives contribute to the future of young people in cinema and the audiovisual sector in general?
I think it’s very positive. Not only having private lessons with Isabelle, which is a luxury for us, but also bringing together four young creatives, each with their own projects that, although different, have very similar interests. Sharing space and opinions with each other can be very rewarding. From the first moment we met we started exchanging experiences, which is why I think this week will be a lot of fun on Ons Island. As for the sector in general, I believe that this type of program encourages creativity, which is always a good thing, and increases the quality of jobs.

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What are your expectations once you complete your stay?
My goal is to be able to film the short film I submitted, Earthquakes. I intend to start shooting it at the beginning of next year, which is why I want to leave here with a perfect version of the script so that I can transfer my proposal to the screen and make it a reality.

What was the idea behind the story? Earthquakes?
My proposal tells the story of a divorced woman who recreates reverse shots of some photos she took a few years ago during her honeymoon. The idea came to me because I am a person with a very bad, even very bad memory, and it is always a topic that preoccupies me a lot. The fact of seeing how we associate something with memory is quite constant, for example someone remembers a certain episode, and then associates it with another. Memory is just the opposite, something variable, something we can manipulate through emotional issues, replaying memories of the past long after or even using archival images. Therefore, I am very fascinated to see how when revisiting archival photographs from long ago, I, who have a very bad memory, begin to mix up the real memory of the situation with this new memory that appears to me upon seeing said photographs, to the point that I do not know how to differentiate Between reality and the confusion resulting from the passage of time.

How does this concept of memory relate to the story of the absolute?
Ultimately, what is told is a story of overcoming loss, in this case in the character of Mila, but above all through the images themselves. With them, the heroine not only tries to live the past, but also tries to manipulate it, create a story that is a little better than it was and, in the end, lives in her own memory bubble.

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