Alex Lora has asked the Mexican national team not to be called ‘El Tri’ since 2015.

Alex Lora And this Mexican team They have more history than meets the eye when it comes to rockers in 2015 He asked that the name ‘El Tri’ be respectedIt is a Registered trademark It belongs to your team.

Celia Garcia Guerrero, According to a press release, there was Exposed That El Tri is a registered trademark belongs to Alejandro Lora.

“section ‘The TRI’® Recognized by the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property Registered trademarkwhose Owner Mr. Alejandro Lora Cernawho has used and enjoyed the name since 1984″

What happens if a third party uses a trademark?

This report warns that User Brand’s, Without the permission of the owner, he will be fined.

“It was established Anyone Physical or moral, it uses, uses, exploits and dispose of of some Trademark registered without permission of ownerBe Lender for fines and the offenses established by the said Act”

Finally, Celia Garcia, who requested at that time Mexican teamNone of its varieties are identified with the name ‘El Tri’.

Is El Tri and the Mexican national team at odds?

The Mexican Football Confederation On Thursday, he denied any legal problems A Mexican rock band called El Tri.

“Regarding information that has circulated in recent hours, the FMF Legal Office reports: The Mexican Football Federation does not allow the use of any trademark by Mr. Alex has no quarrel with Lora Property of FMF. EL TRI is not a registered trademark of FMF“.

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