Renaldo Ruta gives a strong message in the absence of David Ruiz

Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.

The Honduras national team Already used to it Dominican RepublicThis Thursday is the country he will be playing Cuba By Concacaf Nations League.

Ahead of the crucial match against the Caribbean, Baikal conducted field scouting of the team on Wednesday afternoon. Felix Sanchez StadiumThe neutral court by which Cubans are measured.

Renaldo RudaThe 2010 World Cup winner with the national team in South Africa gave his impressions of dedication. Honduras You are forbidden to lose.

The coffee farmer also spoke about the case David Ruiz, who did not attend La H’s call because of gastroenteritis. Do you already have a starting 11 and what is the strategy against Cuba?

Reynaldo Ruda spoke to the media from Honduras who has arrived in the Dominican Republic.

Press conference

What was the experience like in the Dominican Republic before the conflict with Cuba?

Defying yesterday, players with great professionalism, same as today, conditions on the ground and traffic delays and providing the field; To overcome all those sufferings.

Are you happy that we have such quality players?

It is comforting, very positive and above all the desire they have achieved and the call they have been given to continue to lead this team and provide the ability to contribute to the team.

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What do you think about David Ruiz?

We talked about David. I spoke to him on Thursday and I did on Sunday, everyone knows he is a guy who is going through a difficult transition, he wants to be here, but after analyzing many situations, we need to understand him, surround him, support him, know what he is and mature. A guy who wants to This is not the solution for Honduras. He is an important talent for the country and I believe we can enjoy him and when we have him, he will respond well.

What did you think of the court?

Let’s hope that the Honduran players, with their quality and commitment, will show the best field, with that mystery, with that attitude, it’s not ideal, but that’s the circumstances of the profession.

Who is the captain of the Honduras team?

It’s secondary, there are always four captains, each responding with a lot of personality at the right time.

How should Honduras face this match, Cuba not like previous years?

The usual respect for all competitors and a sporting culture like Cuba’s, rich in history, with a nationalistic mystique, have grown into football and proved it with their recent participation at the U-20 level. We have to face it with great expertise.

What message do the fans have for Honduras?

Let them continue to believe that we are building the future, playing a good game that allows us to add points, and that we retain all hope of advancing to the next round.

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No need to cry over spilled milk, but do you have any regrets about not inviting Jose Pinto or Alexi Vega because David Ruiz wasn’t invited?

They are different situations, no regrets, we have to develop, there are other important players, David Ruiz is in that moment of difficult transition, we have to understand that. I said I want to keep him here. He’s not here mentally at the moment, but he’s not very healthy, because being here puts him at risk of injury, so it’s better to give him time, get over it, and then consider that time is man’s best friend. , we will see, we will see if we need it, the thing around it, help it, understand and nothing bad will happen.

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