Apple could release the world’s strangest mouse

Fancy ideas are not very common in a conservative company like Apple, however, now it is Copyright A stranger mousecan be deleted from MacBook.

The patent claims that this key can be used as a very small mouse, no bigger than the shift key.

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The miniature mouse can be stored inside the keyboard case or placed next to the other keys. In the latter case, Apple notes that it works like any other key. However, when removed, it functions like a mouse, meaning it has a battery and can detect its position so you can use it to move a mouse around the screen.

That’s a lot to store inside such a small key. Apple suggests you can group multiple keys together and use them as a mouse, but it’s unclear how long the battery will last when the device is so small. That, as well as the uncomfortable size and shape, probably isn’t a mouse you’ll be using for long periods of time. It makes us wonder: What’s the point?

A mouse for ants


According to the patent, Apple believes that carrying a mouse in addition to a laptop would be cumbersome and take up too much space. On top of that, the MacBook’s built-in trackpad isn’t as accurate as a mouse for some tasks. This, apparently, prompted Apple to look for an alternative.

All seems pretty reasonable, except we’re talking about a key that’s about an inch long. This isn’t the shape you’d find on a remotely comfortable or ergonomic mouse.

If the idea is to replace a mouse altogether, a small mouse with low battery life may not seem like the best choice. It also begs the question of what happens if you lose a removable key: In that case, you lose a key and a mouse at the same time.

Since it’s a patent, it’s entirely possible for Apple to explore ideas. Given all the flaws of this idea, it’s hard to imagine Apple implementing it on the MacBook.

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