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The mayor Pablo Javkin participated yesterday in the launch of the Memory Marks program promoted by the Secretariat of Gender and Human Rights of the Municipality, aimed at signaling and making visible in the public space multiple traces of political, social and cultural history that represent milestones of the collective memory of the city. The first “mark of memory” installed yesterday at the corner of Madres de la Plaza 25 de Mayo and Francia streets, brings together the names of the 31 members who participated in the Mothers of Plaza 25 de Mayo Association at different times in history. “There was always a dispute because memory was present in its streets. And with this program we seek to leave marked the traces of those struggles, not only the struggles of the organizations, the workers’ struggles, the social struggles, which are in our urban landscape and that sometimes you have to do the exercise of remembering them, of spreading them, of multiplying them, “said Javkin. In addition, the mayor presided over the delivery of 200 trees within the framework of the National and International Campaign” We Plant Memory “, an initiative launched by government agencies. Human Rights to plant 30 thousand species The event was held at the General Directorate of Parks and Walks in which, together with Human Rights organizations, two hundred ash trees, sweetgum and cow’s hoof were delivered.

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