Sladen Ibrahimovic bursts into tears in the middle of a press conference for a tragic reason


Milan striker Sladen Ibrahimovic, When he returned with the Swedish national team four years later, he could not help but shed tears when asked on Monday about his family’s reaction at his first press conference.

“It simply came to our notice then. He was with Vincent (one of his sons) and he started crying when I left him. But it’s all good … “,” Ibra “in Stockholm, had to pause and wipe away the tears.

Sladen’s unexpected cry is because all of his loved ones are in Sweden. When he lives alone in Italy, he spends most of his time with Milan, a club he came to a year ago.

“When you play for your country, no one opposes. It’s all about whether or not to give up”, He said ahead of the reaction of his close people to his return to Sweden.

The 39-year-old Swedish star is facing big news for the first two qualifying matches against Qatar 2022 against Georgia and Kosovo, as well as a friendly against Estonia.

“Ibra” left the Swedish national team after Euro 2016, but indicated last fall that he would return and met with Swedish coach John “Jane” Anderson, who has been criticized on several occasions in the past by foreign players.

As he did in an interview aired by the Swedish Federation a few days ago, Ibrahimovic reiterated that he was coming back for his performance in Milan, not his name.

“I am here because I deserve it, it doesn’t matter what I did beforeThe “Swedish star” was so proud that he promised to “help” and not “ask for anything”.

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The Swedish all-time high scorer, who has scored 62 goals in 116 games, admitted that he would have regretted saying he had not come back within a year, and the important thing was to “continue to do as much as you can”.

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